Block Loop Ideas

Hey Guys,

I usually work with quite long patterns (100) with lpb 8,
block loop feature is really cool when you work on a part of pattern,
what i would find really usefull is if i could double or half the block size
with a keyboard shortcut - is there such a thing ? i couldn’t find it, but
with enter pressed and with shortcut like ctrl+ ctrl- you could expand or shrink block size,
what would be even more awesome is, if the automation would zoom to match the block size
for detailed automation processing, then you could move within the pattern from block to block
and work on it, - i know i could just use smaller patterns but it wouldn’t be the same thing for me,
this kind of setting would definitely help my workflow , then if i could zoom out within big pattern
for “big” editing (writing strings/pads etc) i would be a happy b-complex

There is this tool. I too would like to see keyboard shortcuts added for more block loop operations. Unless they got added while I wasn’t paying attention or something.