Block User From Installing Old Tools

Hi I just wanted to play with batch render tool. I installed it in 2.8rc2, but it “wasn’t really working”, and then I realized that it’s only compatible with 2.7. Wouldn’t it be better if I wasn’t allowed to install old tools in a too-new renoise version? At least a pop-up dialog warning me it’s not been tested/verified by the tool developer in the renoise version I’m running?

This feature is already applicable:
If the tool is already installed, Renoise should try to upgrade it automatically, this test may not 100% waterproof in all cases. But if it wouldn’t have passed that test, the tool would have been disabled automatically.
You could also have wandered into a bug of the tool itself. In any case it is the best to report the error on the designated tool topic providing the error message as displayed in the dialog (you can select the text and then right-click -> copy it to the clipboard)