New Tool (2.7): Batch Rendering

The Batch Render tool allows Renoise to automatically load and render a user specified list of songs.

The idea came from this thread.

The tool adds a single menu entry to the ‘File’ menu entitled ‘Batch Render’.

When launched, the tool will prompt the user for a list of Renoise songs, followed by a prompt for a render destination folder.

It will then check to ensure if any of the proposed output files exist. If any are found it will ask the user for confirmation to overwrite.

After a final check it will then load each song in order and render it to the specified destination directory.

All rendering is done at the following settings:

  • 32bit bitdepth
  • The same bitrate as specified for the audio interface in Renoises Preferences dialog
  • Cubic interpolation
  • High priority
  • ‘wav’ file output format

youve been working hard!!! thanks dude!!

Mxb is becoming our top scripter here…

really useful tool !!

thanks for your efforts !

He really is doing some incredible work!

He also proves that the API has more dark powers than most folks dare to see.

THANK YOU SO SO VERY MUCH!!! :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:

Thank you :D

very useful thx :yeah:

Yes great work again mxb!

Just to give an update on this tool.

I will be porting across the rendering options dialog from the Freeze Track tool into this tool to allow you to specify what rendering settings you wish to use (sample rate, bitrate, priority, etc).

Once that is complete and I’ve tidied the code up somewhat I’ll post a newer version.



Great tool. Thanks mxb!


Let’s say I have something like this;
Instead of a list of songs, you can choose a folder in this case the folder “Renoise”, and it will look for all the xnrs-files in the folders beneath it.
When it renders to some place you choose it keeps that folder structure.
In this case;

A new version (1.11) has been uploaded to the tools page and is currently awaiting testing and approval from the tool moderators.

This version prompts the user for the rendering settings to be used. The dialog allows the user to specify sample rate, bit depth, interpolation mode and priority. This now allows songs to be rendered in realtime which is useful for those of you who use external hardware and LineIn devices.

As per the Track Freeze tool, these rendering settings will be stored and set as the defaults the next time the tool is used.


Interesting idea, I’ll note it in my TODO list but it will not be given too high a priority at the moment.

K. :)

Do have to note that the tool makes Renoise crash a lot. I believe especially when there are vst’s used.

Also a way to just cancel rendering when there is a certain VST missing would be welcome to. :)

I haven’t looked at the last version of the tool, but that might be because there isn’t enough time between panic mode and rendering.
I reckon giving panic mode at least 1 second of breathing space before rendering kicks in should do the trick.

Lately the tool seems to just render corrupt wav files, not render at all or just some small snippet of sound, etc.

i wonder if it has something to do with the rendering issues recently encountered

possible to fix the tool up for 2.8? would be awesome. :)
happy mmxii

I’d also love to see this in 2.8

Is a very useful tool!