Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

i feel it is obligated to have a thread about this on every forum
it’s finally coming

This isn’t a thread, until someone does:
Go to and input the code 699742628315717228936557813386519225

What is this about?

did you input the code to the site?

Attempt to log you in. Please wait.
Invalid password.


Anyway, I’m so looking forward to this release. :walkman:/>

did you try the code? cos if you just write it in, like i just did (after you wrote about invalid password), it works.
pasting doesn’t work.

yes, i typed in all digits. was quite a challenge, and i checked it 3 times. :lol:
maybe too much traffic on the website. i will try again later, but thanks for sharing!

this is the video that starts playing.

God, no pasting? This is some annoying shit =P

excellent trolls.

thank you! :)

well i’m really happy to see this cause it’s being very long time that i wait an album from BOC

Yes i did and it worked around the third time, watched the whole vague thing ended up on a buy page for a t-shirt set and a DVD set.
Still it was not clear to me what it was.
If they want to sell that stuff, they could at least have put up some info for the bliss ignorants.

Boards of canada is a band

Tomorrow’s Harvest is an album.
it’s been 8 years since an album came out from Boards Of Canada.
End of story.

This site explains the whole thing:

just gives you this:

/* edit */ oh, noticed esa already linked it above, sorry

Should be interesting to see where they go. Assuming it’s not going to be Campfire Headphase 2 (although anything is possible), I hope it’s not a simple nostalgic journey back to their older albums either…8 years is a long time to take to do something redundant.

I kindof agree. I love BOC but campfire headphase seemed to get worse with repeated listens for me. Initially “cool, guitars!” … two weeks later “So many 50 bpm songs… this is putting me to sleep…”

BOC doesn’t strike me as the new direction band though, they strike me as, “let’s try to create the same perfect album we tried to create last time, but more perfect” … an approach that has both pros and cons to it…

not in the slightest. it’s nice putting in that long string ofnumbers. i see a ton of people on BoC FB-page complaining about how the code i gave them doesn’t work - AND ALL OF THEM ARE TRYING TO PASTE IT IN
the dimwits…

Yea, that’s a good point. Creative evolution need not be self-conscious though (Radiohead, etc.). Just making music frequently causes your style to evolve, so hopefully all this time has given their style a chance to go somewhere that may give us something new and interesting. Geogaddi was not a major break from the other albums, but it was different as well.