Bome's Midi Translator

anybody have any problems with using bome’s midi translator with renoise?

the program is translating my midi messages into keystrokes, and other programs are accepting these keystrokes, but renoise refuses to use any of these. won’t budge.

any similar experiences with anybody here?

ahh. seems i’ve discovered bome’s won’t work with renoise.


oh well :P

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to want to work with Renoise! I’ve noticed that as well.

The keystrokes might not work, but translating midi-cc to sysex and viceversa with Bome works great.

Why doesn’t it work? I’ve always wondered. :confused:
(registered user of Bomes MT, here BTW… sent him a postcard a few years ago ^^)

I think the reason was, that Renoise uses a low level keyboard handling similar to games using DirectInput.

That’s the only reason… Bome’s Midi translator works with COMMDLG and generic Windows API to transport keystrokes. (actually more like performing a sort rich form of clipboard pasting)
DirectInput does not allow intervention from other programs unless the other program is loaded inside the host as DLL.
But also in these cases, there are limitations.

is anybody aware of any other solutions for this?

a feature i like in REAPER is that any commands in the program can be assigned to both keyboard shortcuts and midi commands.
now that’d be handy in renoise.

basically i’m wanting to be able to cycle up and down through the instruments list using buttons on my midi controller so i can choose which one to play on the fly.
don’t really want to keep having to come back to the computer keyboard to do that.

so this is why i thought Bome’s was going to come in handy, but then found out it wasn’t compatible with renoise :(

oddly i just came across bome’s midi translator a couple of days ago