Suva: 100% agree on this, but of course we have to respect other people’s styles. I absolutely do not understand this need for speed, but undoubtedly Renoise 2.0 completely fulfill it.

Thanx a lot for your answer! Can you please explain me better? I set the start bpm at the begin of the pattern and the “last” bpm at the end, then right clik -> pattern -> interpolate but nothing happened…

Thanx in advance :)

You need to put F000 on the other lines aswell, for placemarkers where to insert new interpolated values.

If you want stepping instead of sliding you may put F0 on every second line for example.

haha, that was fast. :P

I continue this topic at this url…

this function it’s still from Fast tracker man!we are in 2008! I loved fast tracker, but what we are asking if is a automation of tempo on the automation section! like you do with the volume or with the panning! would be really cool if this automation could be setting from 0 till 999bpm.