Tempo Automation

Hi there I already open a topic about bpm. I saw that in the new beta the LPB thing. but should be possible maybe adding in the automation section something to automate the BPM from 0 till 999bpm. this would be really really cool for hardcore and speedcore productions

in all the music sequencer there is the option to make that!



“Speedcore at 999 BPM” is biggest bullshit ever. I have NEVER heard any speedcore track which is actually faster than 250 - 300 BPM. Sure if you use LPB 4 and beat on every 8th row, you may need 999 BPM, but that’s just stupid programming not limitation of the software.

also, this is nothing for 2.0. I’m moving this thread to standard suggestion forum.

wow! speedcore at 250bpm it’s Terrorcore and not Speedcore.

the problem is not the FAST… maybe is that what you don’t get man. WE NEED AUTOMATION. AUTOMATION without writing F000 from 0 till 900.

For your info speedcore it’s till 800bpm. after 800bpm it’s extratone.

check tracks by frazzbass and komprex if you never heard about “speedcore” faster then 250bpm.

I don’t care about ultrasonic-core at quadrillion bpm, automation of speed can be used for many many other things. Use your imagination :slight_smile: .

Other then setting up different groove templates underneath preset buttons, For example:

Quickly drawing of extreme tempo ramps together with smart programmed patterns can make an interesting sound synthesis model to create sounds with (for render to sample / experimentation).
To a certain degree this can be done now, but the easy use of drawing an envelope opposed to programming in speedcommands makes it a lot more usable if implemented.

I can understand speedcore is not ur cup of tea, I don’t like it either, but I don’t think saying a user’s suggestion is bullshit helps…at all… and btw yes frazzbass is absolutly right about that bpm range thing…
I also agree such speed can be reached by adjusting the LPB and arranging the beats differently but the retrigger effect for istance is different according to the bpm, to create some weired sounds I had to use audio hijack over renoise and automate by hand the bpm…

however I’m curious of wot such big music God u r to dismiss others ideas this way and tell’em they make dum music programming…

I don’t dislike the idea of BPM automation curve. it could be useful.

But, 999BPM speedcore is still bullshit. It’s not about tempo but usage of 16th 32th or 64th notes. Musically those tracks that declare themselves to be 999BPM are never actually 999BPM but often actually even slower, but with high resolution.

I personally use renoise not to make romantic songs! you are right 999bpm it’s not music. it’s use also to make samples… or most of the times to make motherfuckin NOISE.
open your mind :panic:

I think suva’s point is that there is a difference between bpm and lpb/speed.

999bpm with lpb 4 is the same as
250bpm with lpb 16 is the same as
50bpm with lpb 80

People seem to fetishize massive BPMs, but upping the resolution via speed or lpb is the ‘correct’ way to do it, and will give a more precise outcome.

There IS no correct way. It’s just another way of tracking. High velocity gives different results with certain effects. Being able to stuff more events in a single measure has its benefits. Sure, you can up the LPB. You can also up the BPM. You can also up both. Whatever suits your needs. I’m getting tired of hearing tracker-dogma’s. There are none, except that real men sequence vertically and that hex makes the sex better.

Hence having correct in inverted commas.

I mean you’re right of course, use whatever you want, but as long as we can all agree that music making is not a contest to get the highest BPM.

there are tons of good noise generators around. you can also use Renoise’s built-in LoFiMat device in order to obtain pure 1bit resolution noise. Since you surely know what you are doing, I inform you that you can go up to 1/(25525616) sec in detail using Renoise, namely about one millionth of a second. Unfortunately, nowadays soundcards do not allow such a sample resolution.

True dat, and I was aware of your “use”. But you added that results would be better and luckily that’s not true ;) However, I still think that if you’re ABLE to set the BPM up till 999, you should also be able to
AUTOMATE the BPM from 0 to 999. Else, what’s the use of an automation on the BPM if it’s not as versatile
as its users? … Right?

BotB has a point

Just to be clear, I wasn’t really arguing against tempo automation, just sympathizing with suva about massive BPM not always being necessary, but like you said, everyone makes things in different ways, so whatever.

is 999 some sort of magic number for you all?
why not 801? why not 1457?

of course noone can be against tempo automation, but as long as command resolution is 2 digits max (Fxyz), I would prefer a coherent design in which both automation and tracking command can go up to 255, with the exception of being able to go over 255 via editbox in a one-time-setting fashion.

now that BPM support decimal values, tempo automation makes even more sense.

Oh hell, for all I care we can have 9999 BPM. The more the merrier.

801 why not! would be cool also! but 255 it’s too slow. I mean why ableton and other music software for example AUTOMATE from 0 till 999bpm?
Why we have to write it if we can curve/line/point automate the tempo?
I’m talking for all the people making fast music, not just for me…
I can make an example for hardcore or speedcore music. In intro or outro, there are lots of tracks that the drum is automated from 100till 800bpm… if there was a curve and not till 255 would be much much better!
because If I make a sample with Reaktor at 800bpm I can’t because renoise works till 255!!!
I don’t think is too difficult to get it?
If you house producer don’t use that,I don’t give a fuck, renoise it’s build for all the kind of music, for everybody wanna use that!

man, I gave you repsect until now, but you are really being obnoxious now.

if your mind is too fucked up by the music you listen and produce to understand that, in order to overcome the 255 limit in BPM, you firstly have to give people the ability to use more than two hexadecimal digits, I don’t know what to say more…

if for example Renoise had the ability to automate tempo with a curve ranging from 32 to 1024, the F0xy command would loose 3 BPMs of resolution: F020 would be 32, while F021 would be 36, so that F0FF would be 1024.

The alternative would be to leave F0xy as it is, and give the ability to automate the BPM thorugh a curve with a range which is different from the range which F0xy, but this would be damn stupid, because you don’t need the fucking lightspeed to make your speedcore music, 255 is enough, put this statement inside your fucked brain please.

I’m not an house producer, music is not just divided into “the great speedcore and the fucking else house music produced by softheads”; the rest of the world doesn’t give a fuck if you are too ignorant and full of yourself to understand that your way of making music is blatantly wrong because you use the tools you have in a wrong way, and until you will still come here showing your wrong examples of making music as the Holy Bible of music composition, you will still not convince me: as soon as you will understand that 800BPM means 13.3 beats per second, more than a beat each 10th of second, and since normal people tend to put up to 16 notes into a beat, that would mean that you are requesting to put up to 213 events into a second, and above all that this is already entirely possible to do into Renoise 2.0, then probably we can talk about a better way to let both speedcore producers and the rest of the world to produce their music using the same composing tool.

that said, as I have written above, the feature you are requesting, id est the ability to automate the BPM value thorugh a curve, is interesting, and has been already requested multiple times, but it is not as simple to implement it in an useful way as your simple mind thinks. Above all, if ever this would be implemented, and I think it will, don’t expect it to give you the ability to increase BPM value up to insane numbers just in order to fill up your ego and tell to people “I make faster music than you”, because this will not happen.

I am sincerely sorry for what I written above, and I apologize about it to everyone on this forum, but I cannot keep myself anymore.

Other moderators: please delete this message if you think it is unappropriate.