I read the tutorial online but I didn’t find what I need to know about this.

I wanna write on the module the following bpm 330 - speed 3.

the code also in fast tracker was till 255bpm (F0FF).

somebody can tell me how I can write bpm till 999bpm?

Thank u in advance

I need this too…!

Anyone stepping up? ^_^

as of current version, BPM higher than 255 must be set via the BPM editbox, they cannot be set via pattern commands

This means BPM greater than 255 can not be automated, am I right?

Correct, you can set it much higher, but can’t automate it with commands.

It’s on the todo list from what I read in the past.

alrighty, understand…let’s keep things crossed and w8 till it’s done

I’m waiting for this too! :w00t:
So I can chance between 440 and 880

go from speed 3 to speed 6, or simply double the space between all events in the patterns

new version of renoise 2 shall add a new bpm counter till 999bpm?

Why the hell do you need BPM 999?

If you want BPM 330 “speed 3” then just.use BPM 165 and LPB 16. And there you have it. Want to go to 660? Just use LPB 32.

Because if you can automate the BPM between 1 and 999, glitching in renoise will get a whole new dimension :yeah:

there are workarounds. set the BPM to half of what you want it to be but double the LPB.

with “a whole new dimension” you probably mean the listener needs to understand the superstrings theory in order to enjoy the difference between glitching at 255BPM-32LPB and 999BPM-32LPB?

I wonder where you all glitching guys will want to thrust the whole thing to :)


read this: changing LPB is not a “workaround”: it’s the way you can detail your music much more than what you can in Renoie 1.91.

also, you can use the BPM editbox to set BPM at 999 (but can’t automate it)

Renoise can’t really handle 999 tempo anyway, atleast on reasonable LPB, the 44100 sampling rate is just too small to fit something meaningful in it at 999. The click removal decay will also be too long.

Combine it with 09xx and bpm automation can get pretty fooking SICK :w00t:

hey taktik we do speedcore till 999bpm but also tracks at 666bpm or something like that… speed 3 it’s not enough for our tempo
we need fuckin fast tracks! renoise is the perfect speedcore tracker, and if u want some new users you need to apply something to automize till 999bpm.
thank you for your attention

Thanks It-Alien but we need to automize that!

Would be really COOL if this we spoke till now will be combined with bpm AUTOMATION. In the style i produce (terror/speedcore) sometimes is good to make pauses with slow to fast rythm. And if i have to wrote every different speed it takes too much time.

When you think we’ll have a tempo automation?

Thanx a lot.

Frazzbass: isn’t this enough?

komprex: You can interpolate the values, so you only need to enter the first and the last value in each pattern. And you will have lots of time, given that your tracks are so damn fast. :)

I personally think that making tracker scroll like hell is not a good idea anyways, only to show off maybe. You can make ultra fast music with tracker scrolling pretty slowly. This is specially the case with renoise.