Break Chopping Vs 09Xx?

Whats up ya…been using Renoise for a few months now, after years with Reason. Took a while but starting to get the hang of it. Just curious what the pro’s and con’s of chopping breaks vs using the 09xx command are, besides individual slice processing. Say you wanted to keep the break clean, why bother chopping…especially if the break isn’t perfectly timed and the slices come out sloppy? A lot more work then just typing a simple command. On that note, is there a way to keep the cursor or “focus” from moving down each time I put the first letter/number of a command in? Instead of “type, move up, over, type, move up, over”…just to speed the process up. Besides this dilemma, really enjoying the switch over to Renoise!

Change this number to 0, then the cursor wont move every time you insert a note ;)

there isnt much of a reason to use it (90XX) now with both the native slicing along with the Slices to Pattern tool. the only reason i’ll use it is if i want to make a variation of a particular slice or hit or do some funky effects, otherwise i think it’s best to slice it up and put it down in the pattern with the mentioned tool: New Tool (2.7 & 2.8): Slices To Pattern

then from there you can play with each of the individual slices

or slice it up and put it down manually with a LPB value thats above 4 and not 8

Sometimes one method is better than the other…all depends on the track. It’s best to know both ways and use whatever works best for you at the moment.

09xx is still good for many things, tune modification, sample stretching, chipmunk voice and other effects.

i think as of version 2.7, hold SHIFT while typing in an effect command to keep the cursor on that line. that way you do not have to change edit-step, which will also affect your note-input, for which it is quite nice to go over to the next line.

9xx also refer to slices on the main sample once you have used the native slicer.
But i guess nobody uses those because it is easier to just hit the key that a particular slice is assigned to.

thanks to all for the feedback…all good points. I’ll just keep doing both untill I develope a better workflow and decide much later. P.S. couldn’t figure out how to use that slicing tool, no worries tho…i dont have massive breaks to chop anyway

this should make it clear enough: