Breakcore! (a Way To Get Attention=)

OK :ph34r: this is getting quite serious. i am really getting a bit weird in my head here!!! i have been working with some jungle stuff and for this soup i use the ingredient called Amen. but i just cant get it to work!!! it’s like it ain’t tight enough. dos anyone know what i do wrong? i have tried to trim/quantize it in cubase sx 3. and it steel doesn’t work. my only wish for christmas is a step by step tutorial on how to make this loop work tight. Amen!

PS. what i have done so far:

i have found myself a tempo/speed i like bpm,250- speed.3

i then trim some parts of the loop at the original tempo.

i pitch it, on the com keyboard (command v)

now let’s say i play: kick-kick-snare-kick-roll-snare

it’s here i normally would sit and bang my head with a killer grin on my face=>…but NO=<…
the after roll on the snare is to slow. i have tried to tighten up a separate roll but it is steel not tight.

could anyone of you tell me how to do it. if there is a secret. please let me know. it’s not like i wanna be a big artist steeling ideas. the only thing i wanna do, is to sit here in my mothers basement making some undercover jungle…something…mash-up… so i can have my grin back!!

kind regards…

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One way to do it is to cut that roll up into individual hits and sequence each hit after the snare on the appropriate line

(for an interesting effect as well try adding a small loop to these individual hits)

hope that helps

cheers man this advice will defenently go to my tips and tricks collection. i have to get use to the fact that i cant see the wave form as i go. it would maybe be a bit easier if i could see it the wave form so i could See were to but the sounds at high tempo.

another thing i would like to know is, if there is some form of quantizing instead og workin in 4/4 all the time,

if not how do get it tight and steel flowing :huh:

Pardon me for asking, but what do you mean by ‘tight’?

by tight i mean that it’s precisely in sync and that i have full control over each hit

try bashing your head against a wall for many years, worked for some of us

It’s simple really. Cut your breaks up into every individual hit. Not just kick, snare, roll. The “native” amen rolls are 4 and 2 hits each. Don’t be lazy. Get cutting.

What it boils down to is cutting the break up, and then “re-programming” it so it sounds like the original. Then you’re ready to get dirty.

Other tips for punching up the amen; Gate, Compressor, light distortion, push lower midrange and upper highend, compliment.

Gating: a tuned gate will remove some of the “dead air” between each hit, giving each individual hit space to punch properly.

Compressor: Slight compression can punch up those gated hits even more, while hard compression can make them kick, duck out and then come back in. The snare can sound great like that.

Distortion: Nothing i hate more than people blasting distortion on the Amen, it sounds absolutely terrible. Be subtle, use it to add crunch. If your basic sample was clean+44khz+stereo, adding some tuned distortion to it can add some sexy rumble. You’ll know it when you hear it.

EQ: The amen in itself isn’t a very punchy break. It’s more of a roll. You want to bring out the edge in the sound. Too many amen tracks sound like gray sludge. Add some subtle lowend, add some tighter highend. Nothing extreme, subtle. You don’t need much to bring out the frequencies that matter.

Compliment: Don’t be afraid to bring out the kicks and snares with more kicks and snares. Doubling the weak amen hits (because they are weak, barring the final crash cymbal), with rougher ones on other channels are how d&b producers really make that thing shine.

Amen on its own simply won’t do. Of course that’s just my opinion.

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if a fairy came and I had three wishes “make the amen disappear” would be one of them. the world is full of wonderful drumloops to be chopped up.

I’m agreeing with sunjammer completely here… the amen is too noisy of a break to sound tight unaltered in a mix… you’ve got to use a mixture of the methods he mentioned to get it to sound punchy and aggressive. I can’t even think of anything to add to what he said other than try using multiband versions of the effects he mentioned.

… and if you want a tight break, Funky Drummer would be more your style ;)

this is how you tighten up…i would suggest down loading zero-x beat quantiser or recycle to do this prior to using renoise. Your beats will be perfect and then easy to get rolling.

the forums don’t support direct html tags dood :huh:

how do i post a pic then?


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if sounding like the others means sounding shit then il leave it to you, but even if you ignore that stuff you
can still learn a fair bit from the first few points about tightening up…and thats what he is asking about.
Dont slate it
im just helping sumone out a bit

actually I even got something out of that… SOME GOOD(?) EQ SETTINGS! :DYOINK

Man that amen tutorial taught me absolutely nothing i didnt know. There’s so, so much more work that goes into an amen to make it sound proper rough. The shit they do in that tutorial has exactly one amen-specific detail, which is cutting out the third bar. Lolitude on that for the record. The final snare is badass.