Browseing Speed, Cpu/ram Or Hd ?


when I look for samples, renoise instruments or songs in different folders my computer is very slow, recently I added more ram I’am now at 1,5 gb in an 3,4 mhz Pentium, can I speed up this “browseing” some how, more ram?


If your computer is becoming slow during browsing your harddisk, your harddisk might need some defragmentation.
Rightclick on the drive, select “Properties” and then go to the “Tools” tab and there click the “Defragment now” icon.
It will open up the defragmentation tool. You can there click on analyze to see how fragmented the drive is. The more red blocks you see and the larger they are, the more you need to defragment the drive.
If your continues free space (white areas) are spattered all over the graphic bar, you will be better off by defragmenting as well even if the defragmenter tells you that you don’t need to defragment.
The defragmenter tool just bases its analysis on the percentage of fragmentation in relation to what is not fragmented yet but does not really look at how the file-structure is written on the disk so in that matter you can’t trust the advise of the defragmenter wizard.


I forget where I read this, but Windows-formatted hard disks suck at writing. When you start recording for example, it just writes that chunk down on a random section of the hard drive. So, as an audio producer who records a lot of material, you need to defragment way more than a normal user.

Me too, since I download teh animu :V

even on a ultra new / hyper hyper speed / de-fragmented harddisk I find Renoises browser slow compared to browsers in other (audio)programs.

(Like in this thread;
Why should the diskop take up so much time for a few hundred .xrns files? Is it because Renoise also automatically scans the .xrns for the contained audio data?)

Yips. There is some room for optimizations on our side though, like scanning the files in the background. Thats what all “big” file browsers do to solve this problem…

But with 100 files in one directory, how do you find something? Folders also help Renoise to scan things more quickly…