Bug: Redux Phrase prints off grid when bouncing to audio

I’m pretty sure it may be something I’m doing wrong, however I have noticed the audio is nudged after the grid if I bounce audio when using phrases. That suggests that there is a latency when using phrases in Redux.

Windows 10 DAWs tested Live 11 and Bitwig 4.4 Renoise Redux V1.3.2

I use keymap to select the phrase. If I use the slice direct on the piano roll for example d3 then no latency

Image showing key mapped phrase

Image showing triggering slice from keyzone

I repeated this using the stock instrument in Renoise and no such issue

Any ideas or working as expected?

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I have gone back through previous versions of Redux and it looks like this issue was introduced with version 1.3.0. 1.2.2 does not have this issue.

Example below



I have this same issue when bouncing phrases.
I will test in Reason and report back later tonight.

I checked Renoise when I came across this issue, and it seemed to be ok. I realised I was not using the latest and I can confirm 3.4.2 is ok also. I use phrases a lot Redux and I see that as the killer feature for it. I have downgraded back to 1.2.2 and all seems to be ok.

Same in Reason too

Just checked and can confirm it happens in Reason on Win 10 and Mac (10.15).
Just checked in Studio 1 also:

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 20.52.22

I have the same issue with Redux 1.3.2 on Ableton, Bitwig, and Logic using MacOS. Would love to see this fixed. Downgrading to 1.2.2 is an OK workaround but there’s some bug fixes that were added in versions > 1.2.2 that addressed similar timing issues when Beatsync is enabled

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Do the daws you use offer any plugin delay compensation? Is there a difference if you turn this on/off?

Bitwig has it built in so there is no way of turning it off. I would rather see it fixed rather having to mess with PDC. The better workaround for me at the moment is downgrading to the last version that didn’t have this issue.

I understand, just trying to a/b the problem. Is there a difference if you use dsp effects in the redux instrument vs having no effects and rendering out a stem?

Nope, the images I posted on the originals and subsequent posts just a single copy of Redux nothing else and a vanilla kick drum.

To be clear, I mean effects used inside redux like;

Nothing just a kick drum. To be honest. I understand that this is a low priority bug but the lack of acknowledgement, even just to say yep we are aware but consider this a low ranking would be nice. I have submitted a bug rep via the form btw.
Also try it for yourself. New project daw of choice (We have tried Bitwig,Live,Reason and Studio One) Bog standard kick 4 to the floor pattern and bounce it out and see the delay.

Can confirm in renoise using the render pattern selection to sample silence is introduced;

Same when rendering to stems from the songs tab in the diskop;

Through some manual cutting, things can be fixed, but not ideal of course.

Just to add a bit more detail: I have tried many different combinations of disabling PDC, using manual delay compensation, using fixed buffer plugins like Audio Latency Compensation Plugin [VST, AU, AAX] - Latency Delay - Voxengo , and reporting the issue to the Renoise support email. Nothing has worked so far. The oddest thing is that I’ve noticed the latency can be variable as well — if it was a fixed delay, that’s be easy enough to work around, but it’s not.

I really love Redux as a plug-in but for what I do and how I use Redux, this bug makes it unusable for me in a live situation and in the studio.

Redux newbie here. I just discovered and reported this bug too (Mac here). glad to see it’s not just me who is experiencing it.

The sampler itself is in time, but the phrase patterns are not.

Also I am getting some really weird things happen when trying to trigger phrases from my DAW, like strange patterns being triggered that i didn’t even make. Very bizarre.

one question - when in keymap or program mode, am I right to think that the computer keyboard (with redux focused) does NOT trigger the patterns? But the computer keyboard with DAW focus DOES ? This is super doing my head in and trying to gradually piece together what is going on. Seems when my caps lock is on I am getting some kind of conflict with both systems trying to function.


I believe that’s how it works that qwerty with the focus on Redux will only trigger slices. Not sure which daw you are using. I always draw in the gated notes to trigger the phrase.

For Bitwig/Abe I also make sure I use a note transposer that transposes the inputted midi note.

For example If you put a phrase starting at C1 in Redux that’s actually C-1 in the piano roll in the DAW. So what o do is pop the transposer tool so it intercepts the midi note and pushes it down 2 octaves.

That allows me to draw a note in the piano roll at C1 and it fires the phrase mapped to C1. I believe in theory that’s what you need to do if you are using the DAW virtual keyboard too.

Also have a look in the settings part of Redux. I believe there is something around having to use double caps lock for some DAWs

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Thank you for the detailed reply Darlo. Appreciated

Did it help though :slight_smile:

yes thanks, although i think they could improve the behavour somewhat, at least allow the toggle of which keyboard has priority (but maybe that’s a daw dependant thing. I use bitwig)

the main issue they need to fix however is the bouncing being out of time. I wrote to support but not sure if they reply. Time will tell. Best