⮚ Renoise 3.4.3 and Redux 1.3.3 released (was beta, now is stable)

A long overdue bugfix release for Renoise and Redux is now available for registered users.

There are some “hairy” fixes in there - VST2/3 plugin compatibility changes, which are hard to test - so this build is marked as beta for now. If there are no major issues with the build, it will be released as a stable version next week.

Download as usual from

The betas are currently only available to registered Renoise users only: Demo versions will be uploaded as soon as the release goes stable.
Demo versions are available at Downloads | Renoise

Changes from Renoise 3.4.3 to 3.4.3 and Redux 1.3.2 to 1.3.3




  • Slightly larger font sizes in 125%, 150%, 175% GUI scaling modes.

  • Windows: Smoother scrolling with touchpads.

  • Windows: HiDPI auto-scaling is now disabled by default for all plugins, but can still be enabled manually in the plugin compatibility settings.

    Most newer plugins work well or well enough on HiDPI screens nowadays. The auto-scaling option there often caused broken UIs, especially when plugins use OpenGL, so disabling the auto-scaling seems like a better default.

    When your older plugins now initially render incorrectly on your HiDPI screens (resulting in too small GUIs), try enabling auto-scaling, but check first if the plugin has a custom UI scaling setting to enlarge it.

If you have any problems with the new builds, please report them here, directly in this forum topic.


but could you look at this?
I am working on another tool and this would help me a lot.

This should also work now. I forgot to add this to the changelog.
[EDIT]: now have added this to the changelog above.



VST3 plugin GUIs could open with an incorrect initial window size on Linux with XFCE

Yay, fixed!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: thanks again!

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Thank you taktik, excellent! :partying_face:

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Thanks man, good to hear from you!

I’m excited about the bigger font sizes, this may be boring to others, but my eyes aren’t too great :slight_smile:



Maybe you could also take care of the two minor update issues mentioned here: Updates of “parameter is automated” highlights still not always right . It’s visible when using the theme “From scratch (danoise)”.

Of course, I fully understand if you consider it neglible.

if midi importing was touched, i use 12 LPB (because its easier for triplests etc) and midi import was never correct in this setting, could something be done about it? would release on of struggles (that i’ve a;eady accepted long time ago, but if its touched again…)

Hope this helps with Arturia plugin GUIs, which keep causing hard crashes to desktop on Windows 10.

Will be testing the Beta.

Thanks @taktik


Seconded, as a low vision users would love bigger fonts for the global UI/UX esp for the sampler editor, kinda hard to see the 0SXX numbers as even using a magnifier can make the small digits blurry


Double menu export to midi…
Have a look.

The ~ symbol in the menu shortcut indicates that this function is provided by a tool, and is probably not a part of native Renoise.

Can you check which tools you have installed?

Here’s what I see from a stock install:


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Yes, sorry I had double tool installed.
I had midi convert from Dac Chartrand… doubled…

Korg M1 v2.4.1.0 VST3 and Korg Wavestation v2.4.2.0 VST3 graphical interfaces still do not open in Renoise 3.4.3.

Unfortunately I could not find a workaround for this. These plugins do something with the host windows that other plugins don’t. I’m in contact with Korg to get this fixed, but unfortunately it won’t make it into this release.

Thank for your reply taktik,

FYI: Korg Wavestate v1.1.1 VST3 however does open the graphical interface correctly in Renoise 3.4.3.

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Would it be possible to add a keyboard shortcut for HIDPI scaling in this beta?

Plugins need to be reloaded to apply DPI setting changes, so a shortcut unfortunately won’t really help here.