Bump This Thread If You Purchased Renoise

(Grrlpurple) #381

Bump… bought it a few days ago - loving it! :)

(joyrex) #382

Just bought it, i can’t believe i didn’t know anything about this software, it’s changing my approach to composing music, also i can’t believe how much you get for a very small price!

(danoise) #383

For extra credits, tell us how

I somehow feel that the ‘code’ of trackers have been breached, and we are now living in the WIFY age (What Interface Fits You).

I have a 150$ keyboard, but my controller costs $300. Which one is the best investment?

(justinf) #384

just purchased

(Mane) #385

Bought before the offer. Just upgraded…

Still trying to work out if this will be the best purchase of my life to-date, or the best purchase of my entire life :D

(Funnyshoes) #386

bought it a long time ago, good money spent!

(rictheobscene) #387

I purchased Renoise @ 1.8 but have only recently gotten around to learning it. Granted there was a year in there that I was in the hospital, but I still should have gotten the lead out me arse and learned it long before I actually did.

(BadResistor) #388

Purchased in 2004, and renewed my license yesterday! :w00t:
And I’d like to thank Renoise vendor service (Avantport) for a massive variety of payment options, including Webmoney (the most popular online payment method in my country) cause we don’t normally use paypal or VISA accounts.
You rock! :yeah:

(mudpeople) #389

bought my copy yrs ago at 1.5.1…

which means

i need to pay again… :( soon!

(joyrex) #390

Sorry if i get back to you so late but here’s an attempt for a decent reply :)

I guess the main thing is how renoise gives me a complete view of everything immediatly, i see what’s going on all the time, i can view at a glance how the song is structured looking at the pattern sequencer and i’m finding that the tracker suits my eye more than a piano roll, i just “see” the music in a better way, it took some time to get it right but the result is worth the effort, i know that all this can be done with other DAWs but renoise does it better for me, way better.
Also i just love the interface, i love looking at it, it’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s very functional, nothing feels out of place and this helps a lot since not having to mess around looking for stuff gives me more time and momentum to get down with the ideas which is very difficult for me.
I know that this isn’t much of an answer and has all already been said a thousand times but it’s really not easy to explain why, i can just say that for the first time i’m using a software that doesn’t bother me in any way and does everything the way i want.

For example i needed to control a stutter edit plugin instance with a midi keyboard, in ableton live i had to setup a coupe tracks for routing and input, in renoise i just had to load the plugin and create an fx alias, no routing, no additional tracks, i was delighted, so easy and well designed!

Now i’m trying to figure out the best way to record and play audio samples (long ones like guitar tracks) but i’m sure it will be easy :)

(evermind) #391

I bought Renoise last summer… After finding out about it (through B Complex) and using the demo for like a month.

(arecibo) #392

YAY! Finally, after a few months of using the demo, i’ve just bought Renoise this morning! I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. With my copy of Reason 5 rewired in, I’ve now got pretty much everything I need. Gotta say, it feels good supporting Renoise and a small independent product & team. Although I could kick myself for not buying it during the special offer period! :confused:

Here’s to many productive hours in Renoise!

(Fardwark) #393

Bought today, 03/08/2011.

Now I can blast out drum tracks in super quick time like the old OctaMED days.
Almost brings a tear to my eye, hehe. :drummer:

(Mister Softy) #394

BUMP, I bought my licensed version a few months ago. Demo user since 2006, it’s about freaking time :D

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i must have bumped this thread ages ago…

but doing it again cos i cn B) :P B)

(dtmj) #397

Just purchased and am taking the time before the dl finishes to pop on over here and knock out a first post. This also marks the first time i’ve wanted to purchase a music program. So… good work, Renoise.

… and that right there is a finished download. So, now it’s time to install and get busy ignoring things like meals and sleep and human interaction and whatnot. That said, I suppose this is hello and goodbye;)

(rhowaldt) #398

@dtmj: hey, welcome to the community!

(dtmj) #399

Aw shucks. Thanks! :D

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New user here.