Buttons On Minimized Dsp Module

If we keep adding more and more stuff to the minimised devices then they won’t be minimised any more. :)

The < and > buttons aren’t really needed here anyway since you can just drag’n’drop the devices to rearrange them. If you need more functionality from the device then you can temporarily maximise it.

Is there a way to open External Editor from Minimised? I can see why you might only ever want to have some third party plugs minimised and open their own editor if you want to make some changes…


1911 renoise-minimised-dsp.png

[quote=“dblue, post:5, topic:31882”]

1911 renoise-minimised-dsp.png

Well I would say that’s probably the perfect amount for minimised and it should be left as it is then ;)

As there is no wet/dry anyway…

As you can’t see name of current preset being able to change it would be a little weird.

you jokers.

One of these days I’m going to just start trying to drag n drop everything in renoise’s front end to see what’s drag n droppable!

I hope you guys don’t tell me I could have been drag n dropping xnrx tools and samples together katamari style into one omnipotent xrnx tool this whole time.