Buzz Sequence Editor Vs Renoise

This is the answer you were looking from the outset, why wouldn’t you move on now since you got it?

This guy is amazing, he starts off the thread pulling some stuff from the manual without testing the actual feature, now he does not even bother to do both!

Can everybody please just take a step back and relax, ffs? This is getting ridiculous.

If you have criticism, try to keep it constructive. If you can’t at least be constructive, then don’t say anything at all.

If you don’t like someone else’s idea, there’s no need to jump all over them and hurl insults around. That’s completely pointless and doesn’t further the discussion in any way.

Let’s try to keep it civilized and act like adults here, not like a bunch of children, ok?

Thanks very much for your help - but on my screen it says nothing about anybody’s location, language. It just says his screen name, and how many posts, etc.

Of course we could act civilized, but that wouldn’t be even half as fun as it is now:)

@XG2003: The matrix was never intended as a buzz, or ableton-like interface. In fact, many people thought that, when it arrived: “OMGZ - Renoise now has ableton-style clips!!”

So, with danger of stating the obvious, it’s much more simple: the matrix is a graphical representation of each pattern-track inside the song. While the pattern editor is absolutely atomic in it’s detail about notes, the matrix is atomic about pattern-tracks.

I guess what you’re basically looking for is the ability to “chain” pattern-tracks, so that putting down one slot would fill out the next four (like in your video)?
Unfortunately, that is not possible ATM

The difference between Buzz and Renoise, with regards to the first video posted, is that Buzz supports aliasing “pattern blocks” of a different length, while Renoise will truncate (or insert but not extend) aliases to fit into the current sequence size. Short version: The Pattern Matrix doesn’t have “polyrhythmic” support.

If you want something like that, there’s Grid Pie, but it’s a midi controller tool for live improvising, not a keyboard driven composition workflow.

For now, it’s not possible to do what you are asking. Simple. The end. Is there room for improvement? Sure. Just like the attitudes in this thread. I agree there is room for improvement.

But, you can’t deliberately ignore that, in Renoise, a Pattern is always part of the sequence. It’s either there, or it’s hidden, but it’s always stored in the timeline. It’s based on the principles of pretty much every tracker in existence except Buzz. Buzz has decoupled patterns that aren’t in the timeline. This is not the norm. Even Impulse Tracker’s decoupled approach is not “polyrhythmic” as far as I remember. If you can’t wrap your head around this no one can help you.

There’s only one Buzz, and it’s not Renoise.

So should we go back to the post about the fact patterns aren’t deleted or lost when you remove them from the Sequence? Or were you happy ignoring the fact you were talking bollocks about not being able to remove patterns and yet keep them to use later?

No, I don’t want to do that, I didn’t do that in Buzz, it isn’t possible. It may have looked like that, but that’s probably just because it’s so fast and easy in Buzz to add new patterns to the sequence editor. Unless I am misunderstanding what you mean by ‘putting down one slot would fill out the next four’.

I thought people wanted clips in Renoise, I thought that was what the Pattern Matrix was going to provide.

Still waiting for somebody to post up a video of the using the Renoise pattern matrix to show the sort of editing I can do with ease in Buzz. Apparently this is taboo and nobody is allowed to ask how it’s done in Renoise. Why is that? What’s the issue? Several people have been very helpful and explained parts of the pattern matrix for me, why is it such a big deal to ask for advice?

Probably because I didn’t realise, at that point. Sure are touchy, aren’t we.
Which leads me to believe that all is not well in paradise, and the pattern matrix really is much worse than the Buzz Sequence Editor - seems like nobody can question it, talk about how it works, criticise it in any way - quite obviously because it isn’t very convenient to use…

No, it is not a taboo, it is simply that no-one is bothered to make these videos since they do not have to.

Does it answer the question?

there’s a serious difference between:
doesn’t understand -> asks a question -> gets answer -> learns something new -> says thanks
angry & doesn’t understand & makes wild claims in anger -> gets corrected -> doesn’t thank anyone, just keeps angrily attacking, doesn’t acknowledge not-knowing, just keeps acting belligerent.

I’ve never spent more than a few minutes working in Buzz (just didn’t click with me) and when I do get the time to do much on Renoise I think my process is very different to yours and I wouldn’t do arranging in the way it seems to suggest you do from your video. I usually clone current pattern and then make edits and then move on or similar, or mute and unmute section within the Matrix, move sections around with copy and paste. I have illustrated what I do consider some shortcoming for keyboard workflow in the Matrix though and shown you at least one thing you’re complaining is impossible is in fact very easy. But you very conveniently completely ignore both post. I wonder why…

See post #42. I didn’t ignore it.

Where did you manage to see what country a member comes from? Is your forum different to my forum? You made a big deal of it, yet I can’t see anything about where a member lives, next to their name, or anywhere else.

I think I must have been spoilt by the luxury that is the Buzz Sequence Editor, trying to get used to the pattern matrix is like pulling teeth compared to that.

So nobody who uses Renoise has made a video that shows how THEY use the pattern matrix when writing a song, and shows them writing the song? How strange. That’s all I wanted to see - how somebody else does, in Renoise, what I do in Buzz. Apparently that IS taboo around here. I thought it was a perfectly reasonable request, seeing as I’m trying to move to Renoise from Buzz.

Specifically that bit - I can’t see anything next to anybody’s name. Where is it?

Man, you don’t even closely realize how stupid you look.

This bit pretty much has built the complete picture of you being not in grip of the reality.

I actually start to feel sorry for saying things I said to him earlier, it feels like almost I was making fun out of a person on a wheelchair because they cannot walk, or a person with a Down syndrome that they cannot do sums without counting on their fingers.

I am sorry, XG2003. Please forgive me.

Yeah… The situation is not funny. There is definitely some deeper issue going on…

I am not sure tutorial videos about the pattern matrix can shed light on the subject. As danoise said, “simple,” is the what the Matrix is about. A simple way to visualize and, “jump to places,” in your musical arrangement.

In my mind, putting pieces together on the Matrix is no different from your favorite board-game… Go, Chess, Memory… Do you remember, “Blocks, or Legos,” from your childhood? Musical arrangement is no more complex than that… I guess its simplicity can actually be the part that trips people up the most.

Music is not a serious thing. Music is not greed, poverty, hunger, hate, ignorance, fear, war, government. Music is love, and is spirituality. Music is the energy deep inside of us, the same type of vibrating strings that make up the matter of the universe… Music is a realization of these energies that we know exist, but have so few ways to represent them.

Music is not a serious thing right now; it is not the economy, nor the time in its industry to treat it as such. If the Pattern Matrix is a Robot, and the Patterns are Legos, build a Robot with your Legos. Music is not a serious thing… Its a love… Its an intimate… Its an art, and its a secret.

The Pattern Matrix is strategy… have a looksie look at this ancient gizmo

Well, this is what I see:

What am I missing? Where does it say what country he is from?

So to sum up: I created a video to demonstrate how easy and quick it is to edit a song in Buzz. I asked how people do the same thing in Renoise, as I found the pattern matrix very unintuitive. A few people (mxb, for example) were helpful and showed specifically how they edited in the pattern matrix. A few other people got all defensive and abusive (just read the thread from the beginning and see who started throwing around insults first…) and nobody at all has created a video showing them using the pattern matrix, and nobody has created a video showing them using the pattern matrix as quickly as my video using Buzz.

Does anybody who programs Renoise tools know if it’s possible to produce a Buzz style sequence editor for Renoise?

CTRL+Shift + K in the sequence editor will clone your selection in the sequencer. If you right-click the sequencer and uncheck the “Keep Sequence Sorted” option, you will be able to shuffle pattern choices in any order you want. I suspect you most likely don’t want that option turned on.

Simply remove the pattern from the sequence, it doesn’t delete the pattern but simply leaves it out f the sequence time-line, do take care you have unchecked that context menu option i mentioned above else you get nuts how to trace back your unused patterns.
The “Edit” menu has the option “Delete unused patterns” in case you do want to delete them (or need to because you reached the pattern limit, yes unfortunately there is a limit of 1000 patterns)

Very interesting, but as my screenshot shows, the person I asked about being an American DOESN’T have their location under their name… so Kazakore was wrong. And so are you, rxn… why are you posting up somebody ELSE’s name? Yes, I didn’t notice that THEY were from the Netherlands - how many months ago? I think you’re the one with the issues… why don’t you go back and look at your first two replies to my perfectly polite and reasonable original posts…