Buzz Sequence Editor Vs Renoise

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Very interesting, but as my screenshot shows, the person I asked about being an American DOESN’T have their location under their name… so Kazakore was wrong. And so are you, rxn… why are you posting up somebody ELSE’s name? Yes, I didn’t notice that THEY were from the Netherlands - how many months ago? I think you’re the one with the issues… why don’t you go back and look at your first two replies to my perfectly polite and reasonable original posts…

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Hi. Just to let you know, every user has the choice to show his or her gender, city / country of origin, if they choose to. some don’t, some do. Knetter did, Rxn didn’t.

Can we get back to Buzz Sequence Editor vs Renoise Pattern Matrix rather than bickering about Renoise Forum User Settings?

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Kazakore wasn’t wrong. He obviously meant Knetter, since I don’t have my location shown.

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Oh my, everyone is getting worked up over how to create boring, repetitive house music with even lesser clicks.

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Post #42

How does that have any relation to my posts of areas I think the keyboard is lacking control of some areas of the Matrix? Or my post showing how easy it is to do one thing you tried to claim is impossible? Oh right, you’re just talking bullshit again!

To be clear:
Post on shortcuts missing from the keyboard for things which are easy with the mouse:

Post describing how it is easy to copy a new to a new pattern, remove the old one for the list and still have it to access later:

But (rather unsurprisingly) you only reply to the comment which the below is in relation to:

As Rxn has very clearly shown with screenshots you did accuse somebody of being American who clearly had his location as Netherlands displayed next to their name. Sorry if it wasn’t the person who had made that claim against in this thread, I had forgotten you had cast this accusation more than once in the last 24 hours and only one of the people you had accused of it has a displayed location. Still you did do precisely that to somebody who does and are now trying to argue with the person taking definitive screenshots which there really is no arguing with! Well not if you live in anything but a pure fantasy world anyway…

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@XG2003: Do you Know SunVox?

Seems to be more in line with the “Buzz” design principles you are looking for. The author/dev posts here as NightRadio. Worth a try?

Keywords: Nobody is forcing you to use Renoise.

Good times.

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When did I claim anything is “impossible”? Did you see the word “thanks” in post #42? That was referring to the shortcuts you gave me.

You specifically were talking about Rxn, he is the only person I have asked if they were American IN THIS THREAD… The other person was MONTHS ago, and I didn’t even remember doing it! So in other words, you were wrong, there were no “definitive screenshots” because they were from another thread, about another person!

Anyway - as usual, the ‘followers of the matrix’ are doing anything they can to avoid discussing the pattern matrix.

If the pattern matrix were anything like as good as the Buzz Sequence Editor, then NONE of you would have taken umbrage with my original post, and several of you would have said “Sure you can do that in Renoise, watch this video I made of the last song I wrote”, and you’d prove that the pattern matrix was easy to use, intuitive, fast, etc.

The fact that NOBODY has done that, proves my point. What is it with you people? It’s like the pattern matrix is some kind of religion for you. You’ll notice that none of you have claimed that the pattern matrix is better than the Buzz Sequence Editor, and shown WHY…

What did you worship before the pattern matrix came along?

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Your logic is truly bizarre. :lol:

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Thanks very much for that, looks really good, I will have a go.

I know nobody is forcing me to use Renoise. If you’ve read any of my previous threads about the pattern matrix, you’ll know that I am a Buzz user who WANTS to use Renoise, because it’s much more powerful than Buzz, but the lack of a Sequence Editor stops me. Many other Renoise users want a Buzz-style sequence editor too.

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Uhh, YOU started this thread August, 26th 2012. Every post in this thread is between that day and now. The screenshot is from THIS THREAD.

If by “months ago” you mean 2 days ago…

I think you are losing your shit, man. Take a walk and chill.

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Oh, so he “meant” somebody else, and was therefore right. Even though factually he was wrong, because clearly the only person I asked about being American in THIS thread, which is what he was most definitely referring to, didn’t have their location next to their name.

I take it you are aware of things called ‘aeroplanes’ - on which Americans can fly to the Netherlands? So he still could have been an American.

One wonders why so many Renoise users are desperate to chime in with such irrelevancies, but not to actually discuss the merits of the pattern matrix versus Buzz’s sequence editor…

I would suggest it’s slightly better than the music in this tutorial video - have you anything to say about his music?

Again - anything but actually discuss the mechanics of the two different editors. Unbelievable.
I presume all development has been stopped on Renoise now, because nothing can ever be improved, and it’s perfect?

Just watch the video above from 38:00 - imagine somebody new to trackers trying to learn that - then compare it to the ease with which I added patterns to my song in my video, and changed them on the fly.

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No I wasn’t!


Click this link.

That was posted about 18 hours ago. Not months ago!! Sorry if you are too thick to remember what you have done for 12 hours. And sorry I got 2 posts made minutes apart from each other in different threads but with the same accusatory content confused with each other. Actually, no I’m not.

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This guy obviously feels like a Spartan from 300 fighting off hordes and hordes of the Persian army.

(kazakore) #72

That facepalm would almost have suited me as much as I pasted the wrong link (somehow I don’t think Speed Dating at the Science Museum is going to help prove my point!)

Edited above post but here’s the correct one again anyway: Breaking Out Of The Pattern

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Huh? The first screenshot in post #58 is from APRIL 2012, and that was apparently when I committed the ‘crime’ of asking Knetter if he is American.

In THIS thread, (you know, the one I started on the 26th August, NOT in April 2012… (LOL)), Kazakore jumped on me for asking Rxn if he was an American, and said

So I asked him where by Rxn’s account does it say his location. Answer - it DOESN’T. So by “first person you accused” he means somebody in a thread from FOUR MONTHS ago, like I’d remember that.

So Kazakore was wrong, and it’s irrelevant anyway, because in case you hadn’t worked it out, there are Americans living in the Nederlands, and vice versa…

And all of this is just to avoid discussing the two pattern/sequence editors… which is why Kazakore jumped over that ‘crime’, apparently.

Like I said - discussing the pattern matrix is simply not allowed on this forum, I don’t know why you don’t just put up a message to that effect when you try to post on here. How ridiculous.

(esaruoho) #74

XG2003: you can either discuss the pattern matrix, or discuss about american / country location. you are free to make this choice every time. if you are serious about discussing pattern matrix, you will ignore what they say about country/american, and stick to the pattern matrix. i don’t have time to go through this thread to come up with the amount of times you’ve chosen to not talk about the pattern matrix, and then accused others of choosing to not talk about the pattern matrix. you yourself know that you have done it more than 0 times.

(kazakore) #75

This screenshot which clearly says “Posted Today, 1:59 AM” ???

Where the heck did you get April 2012 from? I’ve even given you a direct link straight to the post. Why can’t you just admit you are wrong? In the face of the amount of evidence it is just retarded not to do so!

So that’s why you’ve ignore my post on-topic and only gone on about your erroneous slander of other members of the board? Even when I’ve relinked you back to them and tried to bring it back to what this should have been about?

(XG2003) #76

What “accusatory content” was that? That I dared to ask somebody if they were American, because all over the internet (you probably haven’t noticed, but I’m “too thick” apparently and have noticed) Americans are writing ‘then’ instead of ‘than’, and ‘that’ instead of ‘than’, and it’s very irritating, as the more people do it, the more people read it and start repeating it.

Like I said - this thread has descended into what the ‘pattern matrix worshippers’ wanted - anything BUT a discussion of the merits of Buzz’s Sequence Editor vs. Renoise’s pattern matrix. Just go right back to the start of the thread and read the responses - so many paranoid, defensive, “I’m not going to show why the pattern matrix can do the same as Buzz can, shan’t, won’t”, etc.

If you were able to edit a Renoise song as easily with the pattern matrix as I did in my video, you would post up examples of you doing so. Obviously you can’t, and obviously the pattern matrix is unnecessarily complicated and difficult to use. But rather than just admit this and try to improve things (what a terrible idea), you do anything but discuss it. Words fail me.

You might want to start a new thread about ‘people asking other people if they’re Americans’ and you can debate the ‘terribleness’ of it to your heart’s content - I don’t think most people are that interested.

No wonder we are stuck with the pattern matrix - look at the other thread in the ideas/suggestions sections, about an arranger - loads of people wanted a Buzz style sequence editor, but nothing came of it - the pattern matrix worshippers somehow won out. I’d love to see the reasoning behind implementing it, and how it was designed, and why. How could anybody use Buzz’s sequence editor and then go on to design the pattern matrix, which is so much harder to use?

Don’t tell me, it ISN’T harder to use, it’s wonderful, it’s easy, but you can’t show me a video of you making a song with it that shows this…

(esaruoho) #77

Renoise Pattern Matrix does not do what the Buzz Tracker Sequence Editor does. you cannot do with the Renoise Pattern Matrix, what you can do with your Buzz Tracker Sequence Editor.

This does not automatically mean that the Renoise Pattern Matrix should be thrown away and replaced with a clone of the Buzz Tracker Sequence Editor.

The Pattern Matrix is a new thing and will grow over time, but it will probably never look or act like the Buzz Tracker Sequence Editor.

(XG2003) #78

“erroneous slander”. LOL. Stop being a drama queen. If you met somebody and they talked with an American accent, and asked them if they were American, would that be an ‘erroneous slander’?

Yes, I commited the ‘crime’ of asking somebody else if they were American, 19 hours ago - do you know how many boards I’ve typed stuff on during the last 24 hours? I would be very sad indeed if I remembered every single question I’ve asked.

I haven’t “ignored” your “on-topic” posts (though they have been few and far between, since you’ve been spending all your energy on trying to ‘catch me out’, rather than talk about the wonderful pattern matrix.) I read them. Now what? Do I need to quote them and say “I’ve read this.” ???

See my previous post. Try discussing the pattern matrix.