Renoise 2 Vs Sunvox


After downloading & testing the most of the trackers on Windows (PC), I must say that a new tracker is born : “SunVox v1.1” (last version in November 2008)

For me, it is a tracker interesting, not easy for using it BUT I love sounds (VERY VERY NICE !!!). Could you add the same sounds in the next version of Renoise 2 please ? Furthermore, the “Piano Roll” is nice :slight_smile:

You can download the beta version here:



So, whats wrong with the myraid of free or cheap softsynth’s available ?

I’ve said it before but i’ll take the opportunity to say it again. Time spent on making a softsynth is time not spent on improving the composing environment of renoise.

– codec

hey! i just installed this demo on my ppc phone. didn’t work so well (wont switch to landscape mode) but it looks good. :)

I second that. Once I found out that there are basic chip samples included with Renoise, I realised there’s no need for a native softsynth.

This SunVox program is quite interesting tho. I especially liked the ability to draw icons for patterns instead of giving them names, and of course MODULAR ROUTING!
What I didn’t like is the lousy visual feedback during playing, like not being able to see the sounds being triggered in the ‘routing view’ and only being able to see one pattern (practically a track) at a time. The latter is practically what renders Buzz and similar programs useless to me, cause having everything laid out at the same time is one of the basic comforts of tracking, imo.

the more trackers, the better. Renoise can’t just be the tool for every tracker lover: for example, BUZZ users always have complained about missing features in Renoise which would be completely useless to most of non-BUZZ users, so if there would be another BUZZ clone, it would be good also for Renoise, which could focus to something else.

let’s hope this will not be another dying-soon project

I’ve been having the odd peek at sunvox for quite a while. Despite some awkward flaws that shouldn’t last to later versions i do really like it. I find the arranger really usable.

You can make multi column patterns and arrange them one after the other as usual or layer up patterns in a more daw-ish way. You might use 5 columns for an 8 step drum pattern, 2 columns for a 32 step bass part and 3 columns for a 64 step chord progression and layer them together in the arranger. You could even make each of the patterns 1 tracker column each if you wanted.

Id buy some mobile hardware for it but there is no list of phones/pdas that it runs well on and it can apparently be a bit picky or stuttery on some hardware that shouldn’t have trouble with it on paper.

Yes we really need …the ability to use patterns of different lenghts …makes it far more easier to mess with oddd timings etc …a 4 /3/7 bar loop all stacked above ( or under ) each other in the arranger

SunVox v1.2 is available for download (

Now minor updates and bugfixes are free for registered users!


  • added external mod2sunvox utility for MOD/XM -> SunVox files conversion;
  • added synth activity indicators;
  • added CPU usage monitor (not working on PalmOS);
  • added “mute” and “solo” buttons to the window with synth controllers;
  • added “zoom in” and “zoom out” buttons to the timeline window;
  • added “set vibrato phase” controller in the “flanger” synth;
  • improved reverb performance;
  • increased frequency ranges of synths;
  • updated manual;
  • redesigned some GUI elements;
  • fixed different bugs.

With best regards,
Alex Zolotov

It’s me again :)
Just want to say, that SunVox v1.3 is out. (
And new music album “Back to the sources”, created in SunVox, available for download also (

New in v1.3:

  • fixed bug with ping-pong loop in the “sampler”;
  • fixed bug with big values in scrollbars;
  • fixed bug with wrong song lenght calculation;
  • fixed bug with panning in the FM synthesizer;
  • new keyboard shortcuts: F9 - play; F11 - play pattern; F12 - stop;
  • added new parameter “P.Modulation” to the “generator” for phase modulation with input signal;
  • added possibility to load samples from RAW and JPEG files;
  • added support of 32-bit (floating point) samples;
  • added new effect 8 - arpeggio;
  • added new effect 9 - set sample offset;
  • added new simple examples: phase_modulation, phase_modulation2, arpeggio;
  • added right-click pop-up menu in the pattern/synth editors;
  • added button for changing the piano keyboard size;
  • added UTF-8 support to engine;
  • pattern icons became resizable in the timeline window;
  • now the timeline and the synths network may be shown at the same time if initial window size is greater than 640x480;
  • inproved ALSA support (thanks to Will Light);
  • updated manual;
  • code optimization;
  • fixed various small bugs.

seems like a nice program!

but it has a pianorol in it. That’s not elite dude! :P

Just played around with this software and here are some of my findings:

The timeline needs some getting used to when you are used to the Renoise arranger.
But it surely works quick with a great overview.
The option to build your own Synth with loose modules is just great!
could be better
The pattern icon thing is a bit strange, but it works.
Maybe some more colours would help.
I know you leave the drawing editor by any click in the program, but maybe an exit button makes it a bit more clear.
The colour scheme could be a lot better. The patterns need more contrast and the record box in record mode is not very clear.
A little bug I found with the scroll bars around the timeline window.
if you drag them and release the mousebutton while not on the bar, they wil keep being selected and follow your mouse.

Has anyone been keeping up with this thing?

They now have an OS X and iPhone port?! Damn… I just played around with the Windows version. A bit confusing at first, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff here.

interesting indeed!

Is it wrong to be in love with a piece of software so badly? :P
I don’t even give a sh-t it hasn’t got vst-support.

The pattern arranging is über fun and refreshing (making you’re icons, + the way you can see the patterns being attached to the original). If this would be imported into Renoise this way (+ color changing + replacing the icon-creating with regular naming of a pattern) I’d simply go mad. Haha.
The piano doesn’t bother you being there (all of the time) at all. Choosing the octave range makes it a lot easier to put notes in when using a keyboard.

Though, kind of strange the synths and the effects are not separated in some way. And the thing I’m really missing is some sort of equalizer.

Final thought; it brings you the pattern arranging of a sequencer and the awesomeness of a tracker. :D
Worth checking out.

gui is a mess.

First thought so too. But actually, I got away with it after 10 mins or so. :P

SunVox v1.4.5 released.

What is new in this version:

  • new module: Vibrato;
  • added sinusoidal waveform to the “generator”;
  • added new effects 11 and 12 - fineslide up/down;
  • added new effect 20 - set the probability (0…8000) of a note being triggered; this effect is for unpredictable rhythms;
  • added new effect 21 - same as 20 but with random velocity;
  • added new example track: endless_song (based on new effect 20);
  • new functions in the “sampler”: resample; volume fade; waveform drawing (paint mode);
  • improved “transpose” function in the pattern editor;
  • pattern follow mode (only for single pattern playing);
  • sound engine optimization.

New list of supported platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS (>= 10.5), Windows Mobile, PalmOS, iPhone.

SunVox is free now!

yep, and the icons in the arrangement??? Why is this called Renoise 2 vs Sunvox? Renoise blows this out of the water

Im gunna try out this software when i get home… Kinda looks like a BUZZ-esque which i like… As for a buzz clone without all the bugs and shit as I’ve said before search up Buze! =D