Buzz-VST adapter

Remember the discussion about having Buzz plugins support in Renoise and Jeskola not agreeing for that? There was a suggestion that a Buzz-VST adapter could be written instead - and voila - here it is, accidentally found on KVR-VST! Wanna guess who wrote it?

No, not me - Jeskola did! :o

I didn’t have a chance to test it yet, but this might finally be a way of using all those BuzzMachines in Renoise! Can’t wait to try it even though I still think Jeskola could have agreed for BuzzMachines support in Renoise. Maybe now he will…


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gotta check this out…

now tell me, whats the reason to prevent native buzz-plugin support in renoise now ?

gotta ask oskari then once more.

You ask about reasons? Reason is clear - It does not look like BuzzVST is going to be free. Oskari is trying to control all aspects of using Buzz machines in other programs. If you ask him he’ll tell you to wait for the final version of BuzzVST and for users to buy it if they want to use it.

Solution: Some developer should develop a BuzzVST adapter and throw it for free to the world. And that is that!

ok. i checked that vsti adapter. it keeps on crashing renoise. gotta step through that one with a debugger, but since that vsti is a bloody beta, i wont expect too much.

furthermore we were in negotiations with oskari. the bottom-line was: money for every licence sold with buzz-support.

maybe we should start a poll if ppl were willing to pay some extra bucks for a buzz support…

IMO, a lot of those buzz plugs seemed quite buggy. The main reason I never tried buzz for more than some days was that it crashed all the time. And it usually seemed to be plugin bugs. I think it would be better to make an open renoise plugin format like was (briefly) discussed in another thread. taktik seemed positive to that. This could also yield better usage of some of renoise’s unique features.

!!! yesssssss !!!

I was the thread starter of the Buzz and renoise compatibility !!!

So I’m jumping on my chair !!!

bye, I’ll test that !!!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I just mailed Oskari regarding Buzz native support:

His answer to my question is this plugin free?

Can we now use Buzz native support in Renoise?

I think he was quite clear, but if you have BuzzVST you’ll be able to use it anyway because Renoise supports VSTi.

Sorry for the confusion - false alarm :unsure:

Having tried that BuzzVST-alpha I have to say there’s no use for it under Renoise at the moment as it crashes Renoise on startup most of the time. I only managed to run Renoise with BuzzVST once, but there was no ‘Open editor’ button for it, so it was no use anyway. Maybe some later beta will work under Renoise (still not being the final version we’d have to pay for :) ).

Anyway, having a Renoise open plugin format would be a very good idea - if you managed to convince the plugin authors to port their buzz machines to that format, there wouldn’t be a problem anymore :)

Oh, and I don’t think I would mind paying a bit more for Renoise with buzz machine support, but it strongly depends on how much more (not if it doubled the price). I hope you finalize the deal with Oskari by Xmas as I’ll finally be able to register then :yeah:


I totally agree with martinal. Talking about supporting buggy machines can be quite wasteful.
I for one am not willing to pay any money to support a buggy structure. If there is a buzz-vst adapter then a user is free to use it or not use it. But to tie renoise and the use of buzz machines through some licensing agreement can complicate things.
Also, please note that the machine developers are not getting any money out of this. Also, many are angry because Oskari got money out of allowing buzz machines to be used through an adapter in fruityloops. Many of the best developers have left the scene over licensing issues which allows Oskari to get money but will not allow them to get anything.

Renoise Developers: You can do yourselves a huge favour if you stay out of this whole entire mess.
If Oskari is making a BuzzVST adapter then fine. If he finishes it, then fine! If a user wants to use it, then fine - they can buy it from Oskari.

But to tie Renoise to some licensing agreement with Oskari: Hopefully NO!

you did not have to e-mail Oskari to get such answers. Save your breath :) and please read my other post. If there is a BuzzVST adapter then fine. Licensing and tying Renoise with some license agreement with Oskari is not recommended. Many people are angry with him over licensing issues. I hope Renoise developers will stay out of it.

I totally understand that Oskari wants money out of his program, but I still can’t believe he can sleep at night ripping all those machine developers off like he does. Without them there would be NO interest whatsoever in buzz-support, just look at Psycle… Very good program, but no-one’s asking for psycle-machine support cos there aren’t too many (tho the ones that are made are pretty good!).

I totally agree with Lunar07. I seriously doubt that everybody wants to use the machines, Renoise has VST-support, buzz IS getting here as a VSTi, let the people who want to use it pay for it. I’m not one of them. Case closed. :yeah:

This plugin is S… at the moment…

We must wait for better versioN. =/

just to summarize:

  1. no need to support such an old (and techno-only) program like BUZZ

  2. no-one would pay extra bucks to use freeware machines in Renoise

  3. a Renoise plugin API would just ROCK, and indeed it’s on taktik TODO’s. I hope this will be done as soon as possible, together with proprietary multylayered samples format.

yo yo
any interested in buzz vst?
it possible but need me help with donation)

try it and if any body interesting lets go to donate and we will have buzz in renoise)

have you taken in count the legal issue you are going to face with Oskari / FruityLoops ?

Need Help! who use Buzz-To-Vst. After installation i choose incorect buzz patch=(( hou to change machines patch? :blink:

its free
but for this development need to found some money.
Fl is comersial. Buzz is free but for add some fetures need to pay money. or wait when developer will have free time

btw i dont understand why developers dont think of about develop or donate for free vst like buze… it better than pay 5000 euro for Oskari
vst will be free then licence aggrement will be supported…

all want features but dont want pay…

for example renoise.
you want pay 5000 euro to oskari why not pay this money for develop free vst)))
some other application will use it?
hmm maybe but…
free vst will be optimized to renoise only than other host will suck…
understand what i mean?)))

buzz was buggy because oskari dont finish it yet and he say thet he lose sources))) i can believe it. i am programmer and most of my application i have double copied and i dont say about svn.

when i try to use buze is more stable as buzz.
then guys lets go to try to help with this f****in vst. because i see many people need it lets go to donate and we will have what we need and want.

ps. sorry english it not so good) if you dont understand me ask me or pm.