Bw - Indamixx Wip (looking For A Collaborator?)

Work in progress.

This is something for the Indamixx compo.

EDIT: Temporarily removed.

I’d like to collaborate with someone? Anyone want to work on this with me?

Remember that this compo is about using as little CPU as possible. I think I’m already at the maximum netbook CPU limit?


I will listen to this at home and let you know; I’ve just entered a time shortage period so a collaboration would be the right way to enter the compo.

I like what i hear so far. The beats could need a bit more variations and i’m not really a fan of that chippy sound melody, which is more a personal thing though. On the Bassline you could try to add a Filter 3 device with a Moog filter using high resonance and automating the cutoff for some more variations.

First thought about entering the compo too, but probably won’t since i’m a VST addict and i’d spend too much time optimizing. :D

You song at my PC is at 4.0% but no halts or distorted parts.

Do you have a better sample for me? :slight_smile: