Indamixx + Renoise + Cdm Music Production Contest

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Here’s the executive summary:

  • LOW CPU XRNS (use this benchmark song)
  • EXTENDED: Deadline is October 25th


  • 4x Indamixx USB Stick ($149.00)

  • Renoise license ($77.00)

Good times!

I assume that a tune must either only use plugins that come with Indamixx or only use native plugins. Otherwise, low CPU should be easy for me; I usually compose on a laptop with single-core CPU.

Looking forward

Style? Anything, as long as it sounds good?

In a nutshell it tells you more or less what you can use and what you cannot and also what limitations you are facing against: A Demo tune for a net-book powered Linux platform which is quite a challenge.
As usual:a Renoise demosong does not use external effects (A pity Peter shows a screenshot with Renoise using external effect which might more or less set you astray from the original goal of the contest), yet if you have tried running the current Renoise demo songs on net-books, you probably figured out there are not much of those songs that last too long without hickups.

The real challenge here is not to make it sound like some cheezy chiptune as that is cpu low, but likely not a winner.
Just a small hint:you could track great quality stuff in the old Dos days on a Pentium 75 using FastTracker, so a 600Mhz (it is 1.3 but performs like a 600Mhz) cpu should pose no problems when using the trickery from the trackers handbook

nice challenge! Is there also a file-size limit?

Renoise installer is currently aprox. 16Mb in size including all demo song content and some instruments?
I think it would suit the song if it won’t get too bulky in size… having a 60meg installer of which 10MB is only the actual software seems rather unbalanced… unless the other 50MB consist mainly of high quality samplepacks.

Just to follow up by stating the obvious, CDM is running Renoise and Indamixx stories all week.

Check their home page daily, contribute where you can via comments, keep the good times flowing; because good times is my cliché but it’s oh so right.

I have their RSS feed on my iGoogle for few months now. I read the article first on CDM. It was pretty surprising… :P

Is there a limit to the amount of submissions per person?

Sounds cool ! I’m in :)
…Too bad I put my old PII-350 to death! [it had an option to disable L2 cache so it could run reaaaaaaaaaal slooooooooow :D]

How does one apply the creative commons license?
Just post this link in with it? :blink:

Indamixx Netbook? 2GB Ram but Intel Atom? The song must be tested by the notebook with the CPU not limiting upto 90%? How am I going to convert my common CPU percentage to the Netbook?

Use cross reference values for demo-songs that do not halt on a netbook.
On an Acer Aspire One Bk250, 2 songs can give you a direction how much your cpu threshold of your laptop should be scaled to:
The Path 2009 peaks at 71.9%, but does not halt.
Nivi does not halt.

Also read the MSI Wind U100 review where someone did a similar test:…c=19175&hl=

So play those songs and look at the maximum CPU rates of those songs when played on your laptop or PC (turn off multicore usage)… if you can stay under that, your song written on your laptop/pc may as well survive on a netbook.

Also the songs that do not work out can give you indication of what to avoid using or combining.

can renoise 2.1 play files from renoise 2.0?

Yes, all older songs (from Renoise 1.27 and up) should be loadable into the newest version.

Why not use the latest version?

don’t think I can do something for this compo, to little time :(

My time-management has been shit lately :) . I will try and convert some work in progress joints to .ogg and replace the vsts with Renoises dsp chains. Maybe inspiration will come this week.

Or just submit it to the SDCompo 43 the 26th :P
(Perhaps their samplepack gives you some extra inspiration)…11161&st=50

I’m going to work on this on the weekend.

I’m not really eligible to win, but i’m going to dust off my old iBook G4 (800Mhz) and see what I can come up with.

CPU throttling, no trivial task. A fun challenge though.