Bye Bye Renoise

Proper routing by first of february, or I will switch to playing the harp while tapping my hand on the desk.

Renoise is totally useless without a decent refrigerator. I don’t make music anymore, I only drink beer and renoise don’t let me keep beers in itself. :’(

He obviously didn’t find the COWBELL BUTTON.

im with Choice.
really, there are by far more bs- threads in the off- topic forum than this one.
but all in all, those who know the rns- community should better stay/leave quiet.

May I quote you on that :P

Real men don’t need arrangers.

Or managers!

Real men sequence vertically

Oh yeah! Even I have done it myself.

is this really off topic though?

but you didn’t mention renoise neel.

A weak statement against a lot of existing evidence available on the contrary.

We’re not speaking here about a problem of what is not in it, but why it has to take so long before it gets in it.

I understand Choice his response in some way, but i regret the point of selfishness that he overlooks:
Almost anything (if not everything) implemented up to date are user requested features, voted features.
If you all want all voted features implemented then there should be room for patience for as long as it might take.
And just because a personal desired feature is not implemented does not justify to make a statement that “nothing has happened”. I personally consider that just a selfish statement.

Don’t forget that after Renoise 1.5, Taktik had done most of the code portions by himself the past four years and some of the development changes took ten thousands of lines to program and weeks of work.

If one does not has the patience for understanding and appreciation for the other things that have been implemented, then so be it. It’s a free world.

Okay. So he dumps a tracker interface for Ableton because of the arranger!?
Something tells me, trackers was never for him in the first place.

I should have better put that line in a quote. -_-
Just to clear up - that’s not my opinion. That’s something that guy wrote in another thread recently.

Personally, I’d recommend just to forget about this. I mean, c’mon: one pissed user amongst many happy users. And only pissed, because he didn’t got what he wanted in two years, although it was clearly stated in many topics, that an arranger needs other preperations in beforehand.
Doing such a thread instead of contributing with ideas, is rather attention whoring without any productive or creative input.
All in all: ignore the fuss by this person, as it is not worth to look into. End.

Bottom line: I want “my” Re-Wire and “my” Pianoroll now! Otherwise I switch to Reason after almost 7 years with Renoise! caugh

in 7 years you could become both a C++ master and a popstar, you idler!

what the heck is an arranger?

Everyone has the right to complain but we also have the right to defend ourselves, even if it is only one voice -> if the language is not fair, posing arguments have to be supplied. By doing that we also to give a signal that we are really listening to our users it’s just we can’t serve them all together at once.

If a popstar would deliver personal signatures to all his fans, he would be only busy giving signatures instead of producing that what is most important to his fans:music.

Hahaha! We have a winner!

If the guy paid for Renoise, it seems a bit odd to jump ship so readily (unless he is a fickle cash monger).

Renoise to Ableton is a leap from EUR 49.00 to EUR 699.

The arranger is worth EUR 650?


Warez sense tingling :lol: