Bye Bye Renoise

Just want to say bye.
I’ve been waiting for arranger in Renoise for two years now and nothing happened… So i spend some time on learning Ableton Live and must say i was so so wrong using Renoise for so many years. This made me feel sad…

Bye baby! We’ll miss you :)

You would have been welcome to contribute here.

Your loss, not ours nor the devs obviously.

People and their expectations…

WTF :blink: :wacko: ;) :blink:

if you think that Live suits your needs better than Renoise, than you have definitely made a mistake using Renoise so far, since they should have two completely different aims, which actually an arranger would not make equal.

so blame yourself :)

Ever had one of your mates dump a wonderful girl for a good-looking but vacuous strumpet?

If you’re gonna make better music with Live, you’re right to leave. Good luck.

delicate line i’m walking, since i dont wanna be no troll, and im no renoise fanboy, just someone who has learnt to use it cos it’s cheap and useful…

but, one can’t help but analyse that statement a little.

On the one hand it says “i need a pat on the head and u guys didn’t give me that, me a sad puppy, bai”
on the other hand it says “i’m pissed that i’m never satisfied with what i create, and i can’t stick at any one project long enough to at least call it adequate and move on”
On yet another hand i’m attaching it says “don’t post a message like [this] or i might cut myself and get angry at anyone who posts something like [this] to try and act like im still tough”

too much?
too soon?

ah, well.

Alex, that release you did with Mr Mark is fucking awesome man! I’m digging it so much I was looking for an opportunity to tell you this as I already showered Mr Mark with enough affection for it in the #renoise :D :yeah:

Drama queen…

hey thanks robotrobot!

maybe you can assist us getting out of the 4* doldrums in the forums? :P

we need a lolcat right now

No srsly though… this thread cracks me up. I love alt.internet.emo.drama … why do you people even bother posting threads like this? (in other words: HOW CAN YOU BE SO BAD AT THE ART OF GUILT TRIPPING THAT YOU THINK THIS WILL WORK? … btw, guilt tripping is 4 lamerz, k?)

I hope Taktik lolz himself to sleep tonight on account of your horribly drole attempt at seriousness :rolleyes:

probably shouldn’t have said anything…

Not entirely true, an arranger is not implemented in one day.
LPB, delay column are necessary evils for things like an arranger and a piano-roll.
But as IT-alien said:If you find more comfort in Ableton Live than Renoise was a wrong pick in the first case, an arranger will not change the style and workflow that you need for Renoise, it will only make some things easier and perhaps go a little faster.

most times i stay quiet with the things some of you do on here.

being stupid bitches is one of them.

this person has a legitimate complaint. and some of you act like he is unimportant.

has legitimate complaint: yes. i want an arranger also.

but the complaint was whiny and seemingly childish.

Renoise is useless without an arranger.

Plant wind, eat storm.


magneto lol-cat-alike ;D


yeah, and… so you can’t use two platforms?
and… if you can’t see that renoise rawcks after spending
2 years working with it… then there’s really nothing left to
do than go Live.