Byte-smasher - Xxxmas Breakcore Megamix

Here’s my track from the XXXMas breakcore compilation, as it’s taking significantly too long to upload, and I wants feedback.…ore_Megamix.mp3

D’oh… no feedback :(

Woah! This is pretty insane. I love the samples in the background.

It’s great. The bed frame squeek, moans. I love it. I like how you chopped up and mangled the breaks as well when they are intoduced @ 28 seconds.

1:10 was a complete surprise. Santa Baby is perfect in the mix. ROFL!

The song is twisted in typical “Byte-Smasher” fashion. And I mean that in a good way.

Nice job!

BTW - I don’t know the deal with no feedback. It seems the majority of the feedback I ask for when I post a song I don’t get. Must be some really bad stuff.

Here is a song in progress I put up several days ago if you want a crack at it -

Oh wow… completely missed that track trepain. I’ll listen to that now. Thanks for the feedback guys :)