Can automation not be tied to pattern length?

Hi there,

Just learning the ropes here (even though I’ve owned Renoise for years).

I have a VST parameter I want to automate but I’d like the drawn automation curve to go back to the start every time a note plays instead of continuing through the whole pattern.

I found this post:

and it does pretty much what I want but it’s kinda fiddly and I was wondering if there’s an easier way to achieve this?


Use the ext. editor, maybe that make working with the LFO a bit better. Please check the manual for the *LFO device for further details.

In the case of few notes, the LFO Reset button also accepts automation with the right mouse click.

  1. Select a specific effects column of the track.
  2. Select the automation mode (pattern editor with parameter or automation editor with dot).
  3. Scroll through each line that has notes and right click on the Reset button of the LFO.

If there are several notes on a line, you will only restart that LFO once. If there are several notes on the same lines, I don’t know if the Velocity Tracker will restart several times.

Just I comment that it is possible to do it both ways, as appropriate…

  1. If the note has a delay, it is better to use the Velocity Tracker. You can also automate to turn this device on / bypass.
  2. If there are few notes, you may prefer automation written with the mouse. In this way some notes can be restarted and others not.