Turn LFO into LFO/Envelope hybrid

Basically the LFO device can already be used like a rudimentary envelope, by putting it into one-shot mode, using a custom shape and adding a reset command everytime a note gets triggered.

All that would be left to add is a button that automates this process (resets the LFO/envelope everytime a note gets played) and loop markers for the sustain and voilà - Renoise has an envelope device.


but you could hook up a “key-tracker” meta device to your one-shot lfo right now, no?

You can but it’s extra clicking, and when you have 5 envelopes for a single instrument things start to get really messy.

Need a little effects rack thing to group these little bundles together so it’s easier to make sense of what’s going on.

The setting up part (read: laziness ;)) is why I’ve never adopted lfo usage, a.t.m I rather generate envelopes in the automation editor using these awesome tools:


Wouldn’t mind seeing your original suggestion implemented though.

You can use the key-tracker device to perform that reset command on the LFO rather than adding the command manually yourself.

As Djeroek already pointed out i noticed…

But you always want to use a Velocity Tracker instead of Key Tracker right? Key Tracker only resets every time you hit a different key than the last one

What makes you think that? Key track responds on a notevalue, the only thing it does set a relative value according to the height of the note. However if you set the min and max slider to 0, the reset on the LFO will always reset from start regardless of what note is being played.

Exactly. And to trigger multiple LFOs/Envelopes (for e.g. Amp & Filter) at a time you’re also gonna need as many separate Key-Trackers, because the re-triggering with unchanged parameters via Hydra-Input works neither, no matter what tracker device you use.

True, re-triggers indeed. :-S Guess I still had the Hydra-problem in mind.

Yeah sorry peeps I was also confused with combining multiple envelopes with the Hydra.
But combining them is definitely possible, it’s exactly what I did in this .xrnt file: envelopes.xrnt (dropbox link)

Basically the workaround goes like this: set the min/max of Key/Vel Tracker to regular 0/100, point it to a random LFO’s reset (LFO has infinite LPC/cycle length), point that LFO to a Hydras input, and have all the Hydras min/max values at 0. Now you can have x envelopes with x+2 devices instead of 2x devices :)