Can I build my Own Renoise DSP FX?

Can I write my own Renoise effect?
Like you have couple of 'em in the application.
Do you have some SDK, or API to write custom effects?
Like some libs?

Or it’s easier to write a standard VST effect and use it in Renoise?

Currently the only way to go is with your preferred plugin format for your chosen platform (VST, AU etc.), which is supported by Renoise. There is no SDK available.

What you can do though, is offline processing of song data. The XRNS files are simply ZIP files, which contain the samples and a XML file, which you can parse and process with your preferred programming language.

Not sure on the legalities, but surely it would be possible to create a rewire enabled bank of custom plugins which renoise could speak to, via rewire…

Just a thought.

dont know if the forthcoming scripting will make this possible

i dont think so. i guess the focus is more on the manipulation of variables in realtime, like the offline methods for xml.
maybe the existing dsp’s as core.
no audio/dsp stuff, thats another boat.


For now VST/AU/LADSPAs do this job just fine.

Always been curious about this, what is the benefit/purpose to processing songs offline using scripts?

Or better yet, what can be achieved this way, how can you process them?

Stuff like this, for instance. In other words, radical customisation, fine-tuning and batching of nuanced processes that will save a lot of dev time, so that devs can concentrate on the really cool shit while we, the users, share our scripts and answer eachother’s minor feature requests! Really excited about this.