Can Renoise do MIDI effects?

I have an arpeggio going and feeding it into my hardware synth via MIDI, so far so good. Now I want to spice it up a little without having to re-enter all the notes. For example, I want it to play every 3rd note an octave higher than what I entered in the pattern.

If this was audio in the sampler it would be super easy with the stepper tool on the pitch parameter. But is there a way to do this to VST/MIDI inside of Renoise?

I haven’t tried this yet, but I suppose I could rig an LFO device to the Pitchbend in the Instr. Midi Control. And program a pattern that way. Which I expect to be quite a hassle when working with other note values than octaves.

So is there a more elegant way to do this?

Look at this thread:

You can load special VST plugins that offer Midi filters like arpeggiators, and then route this into your synth plugins.

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Ive never used Renoise to sequence externally over MIDI, i assume you cant use phrases? You could program a bank full then and trigger them as needed.

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Phrases work perfectly well for midi out-hardware


Sounds like that might be the solution for them then, make a whole stack of them, save for recall and apply to projects as needed. Setting it up will probably feel a bit administrative, but its work now for fun later. Thats what i would be doing anyway. Im starting to be tempted to the mad world of modular synths, being able to sequence in Renoise and run it into modular via MIDI is good to know.

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Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated!
(and sorry for being slow to reply)

Somehow I overlooked that midi plugins thread. Blue ARP might be a solution for me but I need consult the manual this weekend.

Phrases work well with midi, and they are incredibly powerful. But they aren’t quite what I’m looking for in this case, I think?

Can phrases operate like this?
If I enter a sequence into a phrase, say C C G C C+12, can it remember it’s position in that 5 note sequence? So when I trigger the next note it continues rather than restart?

Cause that’s really the effect that I’m looking for.

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Would the phrase offset command work? Trigger phrase from position xx? Sxx is it?

Edit: Or perhaps map an a control to the Pitchbend, with pitchbend set to +/- 12 semitones, then effect command the modulator (an operand would it be?) when you want an Octave or a fifth or what have you?