Can Renoise Do This?

Hello everybody.
I am completely new to renoise, using it since two days… so please bear with me… I tried searching the forums for this but wasn’t really successful.
I don’t know if renoise is the right tool for me, but if it can do the following, it may be really interesting.
Can you jump to a specific line & pattern, with a midi or OSC command?
Can you Stop playback and start it again from the same position it was at, when it was stopped, all via Midi/OSC?
Not so important: are there any other possibilities for non-linear playback?
Thanks a lot!!


I don’t think you can go to specific lines.
What you cán do though is make patterns of one beat and jump to patterns with Midi or OSC. That is deffinitely possible.
If you use that method you can stop and start at the same pattern (beat).
If you work in a pattern=beat kind of way you can easily set up a random generator and let that send OSC messages so the playback won’t be linear.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot! Thats good news! great… just midi mapping the patters… i knew it should be simple.
One other thing… the last one i think… Is there a command in renoise to jump back to a specific pattern?
You know, i could make a couple of patterns, let them loop for a while, then jump to next few patterns, and so on…?
Thanks a bunch!

I don’t think there is a ‘select pattern loop selection’ option in Renoise. If you’re planning on programming something to send as OSC you can easily set loops there (program something like ‘start pattern3, wait 4 patterns of time and start pattern 3 again’)

Thanks again. Yes of course that is possible, but it’s kind of a hack… i thought about sending a midi note out of renoise every end of a pattern to signalize to loop(since BPM are changing a lot at my tracks that would be most reliable i guess), send the loop command from max/msp to renoise again, but yes… it’s kind of a hack…a mess…
Thanks anyways.
I also encounter the problem of producing lots of tracks within one renoise file anyways, that gets bigger and bigger… consuming unnecessary amount of ram and getting a mess too…
I don’t know if you know what i am aiming at, but in the end i think it’s not good to do that with renoise. I will find another way of implementing it in my work i guess.
Thanks a lot,

maybe you can have a look at this tool:

It loops the current pattern until you select new tracks/whole pattern. Midi support soon.