New Tool (2.8): Rableton Dive


this tool represents each track as a clip. If you click on a clip, it will be played with the next start of the pattern. This is quite the basic idea like in Ableton Live ;)/>/>
This is mainly designed for live purposes and for remixing tracks of different patterns of your choice.
It is alpha and there may be many bugs, it would be nice if you report them.
new: The clip changes can be recorded now, so recording a complete new song while jamming is possible.

How To:

  1. mandatory: Add pattern 0 and 1 as first patterns in your song, clear them, and loop them (see screenshot).
    Also make sure that “follow players position in pattern while playing” is enabled.
  2. play the song (patterns 0 and 1 in an endless loop)
  3. start Rableton Dive and play around:
  • press on a clip to play it, press on a playing clip to stop it.
  • the button on the right side will play all clips
  • change patterns with pattern drop down box
  • colors: green: playing; yellow-blinking: play next pattern; red-blinking: stop next pattern; black: empty track; darker: inactive

3581 rabletondive05.png

Version 0.5

  • added recording options (please deactivate “Keep sequence sorted” in the pattern-sequence options):
  • clone pattern: clones currently played pattern and adds it to the end of the song
  • live recording (switch on/off): everytime the currently played pattern is changed (user has hit a clip and clip is flashing), the pattern is cloned and appended at the end of the song
  • record everything (switch on/off): can be switched on only if live recording is activated. Records every played pattern regardless if there were some changes by the user. So a complete song can be recorded.

Edit: Tool has been renamed to Live Dive. Please read on in the new thread.

Cool, interface is everything! Have you thought about adding something like Live’s follow actions? I’ve implemented a tool with the Clip Arranger that tries it’s own approach w.r.t. follow actions. However, it’s quite complex and not that suitable for live performance.

sweeeeeeet/. just had a play with this and had great fun. a way to name scenes/tracks would be handy

i tried and this happened:

Einstellungen\dat\Anwendungsdaten\Renoise\V2.8.0\Scripts\Tools\de.cie-online.RabletonDive.xrnx\main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers.

Please contact the author (Cie | for assistance…

rableton\gui.lua:476: attempt to compare nil with number
stack traceback:
rableton\gui.lua:476: in function ‘copy_tracks_from_pattern’
rableton\gui.lua:315: in function ‘change_status_track’
rableton\gui.lua:246: in function <rableton\gui.lua:243>

Are you sure you are playing the song in the 0,1 pattern song loop visualized above?

Thanks, no actually I am not so familiar with Live, so the follow actions are beyond my scope. Funny that we released a Live inspired tool nearly the same time :) I will check your tool out.

Thanks! :) I will put the track names as header for each column in the next version. A name for every pattern-track combination (“scene”) would of course be nice. But I have currently no idea how to realize that. E.g. where to put the input fields… maybe above the buttons, or this should be done in a separate view and the names are shown on the buttons. Another problem would be, that the names are gone as soon as you are reloading the song/renoise, because the info is not saved somewhere with the song.

How well does it work with differently-sized patterns? :D

Well if the selected pattern has less rows than the playing patterns 0 or 1, the overlapping rows will be unchanged (empty); if the pattern has more rows, the overhanging notes will be cut.

I tried to follow your instruction on how to prepare a song, but seem to get this error:

Thank you, I can recreate the error and will have a look soon.

This is fixed, it appeared when having more than 10 tracks in a song. I have uploaded a new version in the first post.

  • fixed 10+ tracks bug
  • added headline above track-buttons

There is also a video showing the current state.

Great tool!
I would like to see this tool combined with Auto Clone Patterns functionality for instant jams recording etc. Is it possible somehow? I would be happy

Thanks :)

Cool feature suggestion, I will have a look at it. :) So you mean that
a ) the currently played pattern is cloned and appended at the end of the song when an additional “clone now”-button in Rableton is pressed ( = “recording on command”) or
b ) everytime the currently played pattern is changed (user has hit a clip and clip is flashing), the pattern is cloned and appended at the end of the song ( = “live recording”) ?

Yes, i mean second one. “Live recording”, exactly. It would be really handy for composition structure sketching on-the-fly.
It doesn’t mean that this mode has to be switched ON all the time, by the way :) It can be one toggle button on layout that switches this mode.

a) can be used as mode, but for me personally it is not really usefull.

I also remembered that Ableton provides the same functionality, when you record your manipulations into arrangement from ‘session view’

Small note on the inner workings of the AutoClonePattern tool: it works by taking not the currently playing, but the upcoming pattern, and copying it (so, what you just played isn’t carried over to the next pattern - although in a Rableton Dive context, this might not be desirable).
Also, the “upcoming pattern” can in fact be made from multiple patterns, by creating a multiple-pattern loop in the sequence . Something worth considering?



I have noticed it and will have a look at it, but currently I have no time unfortunately :confused:
I think in July…

Yes, i see.
Thank you for your answer!
Sorry for my impatience.