Can Renoise Run On This Stick?

I believe it would but Im not sure can anyone confirm if renoise would run on this?
even if it did maybe performance might be lacking??

If it runs ubuntu… I’m quite sure you can install a less ‘bloated’ linux and have renoise on it. seems more directed at video tho… does it even have an audio plug? or usb for a keyboard?
read about it a bit. doesn’t seem to have a jack plug :P so it’s hdmi audio? and 1gb ram is alright, but if you’re like me in the slightest bit you’re probably used to a bit more. also more than 1.2 GHz. so speaking about performance, no it won’t play all the songs you mixed on your quadcore 4gb-ram desktop. :D

It seems to have ARM processor. Renoise currently only runs on x86 architectures, not ARM, so it will not work.

Renoise on a stick? Sounds like something Jeff Dunham would come up with. ;)

God, I wish Renoise could run on ARM! I would love to buy one of those new Chromebooks and reformat it with Ubuntu and use it as my portable Renoise machine.

Running Renoise on a stick or other small portable devices is [very]( view findpost p 283837) highly inadvisable…