Can Someone Who Changed (for The Colder) Due To Cocaine Recover?

When I just thought I she was cruel and not into me I was losing sleep already… now I’m really, really spinning, so more good info and less funny would be a huge plus :(

Wha?? Sounds heavy dude. Peace be with you :)

It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s like the Borg have her or something. I’ve kinda begun to despise her, but now I’m worried. Not that she’s an ultraheavy user, I have no idea, I just think she seems unhappy, and fake nice/real cold, and that with the combination of coke makes my brain whizz. I mean, here I am proposing love to a zombie or an insect… no disrespect meant to anybody, but this is how it feels.

I’ll not try to “rescue her” anyway, but I need to figure out wether to cut her out of my brain for real and for good, or just seek some huuuuge f-ing distance…

Neither. Save yourself in this process: check her into professional help. Cost is irrelevant. Don’t prolong the dark situation you’re in.

Dude, it’s not my GF, it’s just a insanely huge crush (which is the only reason I didn’t connect the dots much earlier, I thought it was something about me)… there’s no way I can check her into anything, and I won’t just call the cops on her.

(besides, “distance” implied emotional distance, not running away)

Even so, I’m reading your postings as a simple request for advice. Mine would be certainly siding on the path of distance. Your health requires it.

Also remember you brain will run wild with lack of sleep/food/exercise. If possible address these things first. Then re-assess your emotions.

Well, let’s say after I saw her I can’t sleep for 30-35 hours. After I slept, it’s much better, and after just 2-3 days without her I’d even say I’m back to normal. My body takes what it needs, don’t worry. But yeah, bobbing up and down is getting on my nerves. It’s making me kinda aggro usually (ohhh the irony… I don’t do anything besides the occasional toke, and I can’t sleep, have little appettite, and lift weights… hahaha!), but yesterday I was really caught off guard by very intense fear for her. But that’s just a twist in my sobriety na-na-na.

It’ll be hard to assess my emotions when I don’t know how much of her is her, and how much of her is chemicals… and even if she IS a natural asshole, it’s very tempting to think “maybe she had bad experiences and closed up… let me love her just a tiny little bit”… gah!! But I know better than to wrestle the white cobra, I’ll use my heartache to write lyrics and get filthy rich hah.

Yeah, because, you know, that’s when you powder your nose, when your ego is crushed. And we’re not like in exactly the same clique, this would just drive her away. I’m terribly good at crushing egos, too, and I can’t whip that blade out without it drawing blood, so I better step carefully. Besides basically posting the lyrics on my website haha, waiting there, lurking…

I think I’ll have to swallow my crush, I’m absoletely no use in regards to making her feel good without drugs when I’m hurt … and if all fails, I’m prepared to simply let go. As someone else said: “cut it off like a gangrenous leg”. And make an EP out of that. From the cash I’ll hire nurses who kidnap her to a tropical island for 2-3 months. There, fixed.

One of my best friends started getting really heavy into coke and heroin. The ways I tried to help him were by being there when he really does need me and just being truthful with him. For instance, whenever he needed to crash at my place, I would make him feel at him but constantly bring up how nice it is to just hang out with each other while not on life-ruining drugs. Also, just bringing up stuff that we used to love to do before he was heavy into drugs.

It’s always different with each person, but I hope this helps you think of stuff you can do to help her realize what she’s doing.

People make their own choices and ultimately you cant stop them doing what they are going to do. You can inform them of their folly and tell them how you feel, but apart from that you cant to anything.

Sad but true.

Well… You could kidnap them and drive them out into the countryside and tie them to a post until they are over it.

Yes, I’ll just take care of myself first and foremostly now. I’m kinda in limbo since the beginning of this year, and I’m sick of it.

This episode helped me realize a lot of things about life and love, so I’m really hoping it’ll turn out well for her, too.

Thanks for the advice and support, you’re all great :)

I dont know if i understood it correctly… Did you fell in love with a girl who is drug addict?

If so then the best thing (for yourself) you can do is just let her go. Especially if she is not even your girlfriend. Save yourself a trouble. It would be good if she would seek for professional help…
I dont think that you are able to do anything or help her in that situation. And digging yourself deeper and deeper into emotional troubles wount do any good for you. Find yoursef a girlfriend without issues and you will be better off.

I know it may sound cruel but lets face it, we are not able to save the planet… so lets not destroy our lives. If she is family or close friend then of course we would try to help, but if you just have a crush on some girl who is emotionially unstable and uses drugs then my advice is: dont even go there! Nothing good will come out of it, i know.

Heavy cocaine use brings a fcuking psychological dependance because your conciousness becomes you+cocaine so when you want to stop you re just half of you (you - cocaine)

Unfortunatly, medical way is the only one to health hard users, i mean psychology + drugs + external relations cut.

I split with friends who smoked too much based cocaine to preserve myself, I think you have to do that, you can’t do anything to make them change (or maybe you can go to south america with a gun and kill all the mafia and all the producers)

You can try the ego breaking but you have to be strong!

good luck

Of course, falling for a girl is a lot like a drug addiction… When you’re in that state, whole parts of your brain almost shut down - so you’re unable to think straight, you’re compelled to be around them, even their faults make them somehow more appealing than any other girl out there…

It’s an illusion, and just the same with a drugs addiction, the only way is to keep your distance… It all passes, and no matter who you’re hung up on, when you’ve not seen them for a year or two, you REALLY wonder how you ever saw them in that light in the first place…

Being in that state makes it almost impossible for a relationship to work anyway… I’ve got together with girls I used to be hung up on, years down the line, and it’s worked out much better… Although it’s never that intense again.

With all these drug-discussion going on here lately I just realize again I don’t understand how people can become drawn and addicted to such high-level drugs at all … Especially if you understand that the effects of almost each chemical drug known to scientists are basically the side effects of a serious poisoning you do to your body and brain, only that users consider it “cool” and “desirable” … But you basically kill yourself slowly.

Also I had some pretty rough times in the past, but I never felt or had the idea that taking potent drugs would be any solution or even relief … Somehow I just don’t get it :)

haha, I do. But I never been a “f**** and dispose a chick next morning” guy. :D

All drugs will destroy you and break you down as a person if they become a long term habit… And in the case of things like cocainne and heroin, you’ve got much less choice in the matter you think - the compulsion affects your whole decision making process, to the point where you can delude yourself considerably and warp your priorities…

Weed can be a disaster at certain times in life, because it kills the hunger for achievement and is the reason why many people sleep walk through their 20’s.

But… Drugs are also very unique experiences… You can learn untold amounts about yourself, the world around you, music, art, philosophy, maths, etc. the kind of knowledge only pertainable through direct perception -> like seeing the colour Red for the first time.

A lot of people are f****ed up by their upbringings, by school, by irrational fears, etc… there’s lessons you can take from any experience - I’ve seen weed help people chill out and establish closer bonds with people, be more open - but then I’ve also seen it turn people with a lot of potential into wasters… The key is learning and moving on - the temptation is to keep trying to repeat the same experience over and over again.

There’s very little positive you can take from cocainne imo.

Especially if it f****s you up so much that it makes you spell its name wrong.

Tee Hee.

I’m not going to try to propagate for drugs here, but I really have to say that you are a bit wrong here. All chemical substances known to science are not always bad for you and are not always killing your body and brain. Many many drugs have positive effects on your body and some can even cure diseases, those drugs are often called medicine ;) but of course can all drugs be bad for you if you use them disrespectfully, but to categorically say that using drugs is unconditionally bad for you is a bit harsh… you can even die by drinking to much water, but you would never call water a poison, would you? ;) overusage of any kind of stuff is always bad for you though, so are also heavy drug addiction… so, keep away from it kids, it may kill you ;)

I mean stuff like crack or heroin and so forth, stuff that just leads down a certain path. Don’t get me wrong, I like my beer when in the clubs in the weekend and I surely like smoking dope from time to time and listen to music, watch a movie, dance or whatever, but I don’t drink myself unconscious and I don’t smoke weed on an hourly basis. And I think that’s what’s the problem mainly with chemical drugs (and it’s users). People can’t seem to control it after some time and there is certainly no “recreational” use of those drugs that I know of.

Also I read some article a while ago that stated that MDMA (Ecstacy) is actually a pretty mild and harmless drug, but the problem is that people take too much all the time aswell as the problem that the pills you can buy on the streets mostly only have a small amount of real MDMA in it but much more real crap (like MDA, byproduct of the process and a serious brain-poison) so I wouldn’t try any Ecstacy ever, the theory and the real world for that drug are far apart from each other.

As for Ketamin, that always strikes me as a major idiocy … it’s a narcotic for animals (bulls to be precise), how can anyone in their right mind take something like this ? It’s for a huge-ass animal that surely is dependable and only meant to knock that animal out, I don’t think they cared much for side-effects. If someone tells you rat-poison or those chemical cocktails they give to pigs so they grow faster gives you a nice “vision”, would you take that too ?

Anyway, even with medicine it’s the same, my biology-teacher told us back in school that any “medicine” is basically a substance f****ing with your body, only that the so-called good sideeffects are considered good enough to outweigh the bad ones. Which is the reason why I don’t take any medication unless I really have to.

I think the major thing here is that I am happy with my life, I enjoy myself and I certainly don’t feel the need to take some stuff when going out or to “forget how bad my life is”. When I go out and the night is turning out to be boring or bad then it’s okay, I just go home, rise early and do music or read a book or something and spend my time on something useful/interesting, I will have plenty more chances to go out in my life and not every night can be a great one. And whenever I was really down and had to chew on some heavy stuff in my life I was actually always sober because as the old, cliché-ed but nontheless damn well true line goes : “Drugs don’t fix anything, they make everything worse.” And having “responsibility” helps too. :D Although I met a few parents in the past who were pretty hardcore weed- or alcohol-abusers.