Can We Have Two Song Forums?

One for Breakcore.
One for everything else.

haha that sounds like not a bad idea

would be good if there were different categories in the song forum that you think that your song may fall under. . .

Better to enter a core instead of breaking it
…Don’t you think ?

good idea, Foo?

the breakcore section could also be automatically fed with a PHP script which, by the mean of XRNS-PHP library, generates a new breakcore song each day; this shouldn’t be hard to do…

hahaha, wait… who are you guys kidding?

if it’s not breakcore, fukk off and post it on traxinspace, faggots

you really were in a bad mood today mark.

Wow, two worldwide known musicians… oh, sorry… Musicians are against breakcore. Would the genre survive it? :dribble:

You call who a faggot?

Rotterdam is hard? :lol: hahahaha!!!

Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to.
But okay… anyone who takes this topic seriously is a faggot.

Now please explain the link between this topic and Rotterdam.
EDIT: the above sentence was a remark after something that was edited in a post afterwards

Why is breakcore located in “songs” anyway? ;)

I’d love to see all the breakcore naysayers try to produce a single breakcore track, with quality the likes of Venetian Snares, Otto Von Schirach, Bogdan Raczynski, Aaron Spectre/Drumcorps, the flashbulb, datach’i, xanopticon’s more recent stuff, or /dev/null. Yes, this is a serious challenge. Until you’ve risen to it, STFU and GTFO.

I’m against the [genre] idea.

simply because I wouldn’t know what to put in front of my songs.

ok, someone has taken the topic seriously :rolleyes:

well, replying seriously to your point, you should also set the opposite challenge: challenge people like Venetian Snares, Otto Von Schirach, Bogdan Raczynski, Aaron Spectre/Drumcorps to produce a single [name the genre] song with the quality of those by [name the worldwide reknown artist], the results could be either interesting or funny, who knows…

everyone chooses which kind of music he produces and listens, but it’s a fact that Renoise artists are in majority breakcore producers, which leaves non-breakcore people in the desire of more people doing different music with Renoise. Foo? just make fun out of this situation, and so did I. I hope you were not offended by what we wrote: you can express your talent in the way you prefer, and you will always have my respect for your creativity.

I don’t really take anything that happens on the internet too seriously :P … and I understand entirely that this topic is in jest.

What peeves me off is that “breakcore” is constantly put down as easy/uncreative/unskilled music… when those doing the bashing have no concept of what goes into it, or for the most part, what real “breakcore” even sounds like. It’s like those asshats that demonize the gothic subculture because they’re naive enough to think it’s about satan worship, wrist slitting, or school shootings, instead of darkly romantic post-punk music. It’s cultural ignorance… and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s the childish spreading of ignorance.

oh by the way, I forgot to mention that I’ve seen some breakcore modules (the XRNS file I mean) and I am impressed by the technique which is shown into, so I’m entirely aware of the effort which is been put into a (well produced) breakcore song. I am serious about this, no kidding.

unskilled music can be of any genre, exactly as skilled music.

all genres are a subgenre of breakcore, even breakcore.

When I bash against breakcore it is NEVER because I think that is no music. I usually bash against breakcore because for my ears this is no music.

But I had the chance to listen to some interesting BC-Stuff and that was funny, although i would never buy or download breakcore for myself.

So: I am no fan but I understand the fans of this stuff. :)

The thing is, songs labeled breakcore sound like breakcore… also songs labeled d’n’b or breakbeat sound like breakcore here for me.

trolls somewhere else now

pTrance: That would be like me saying that songs labelled “trance”, “house”, “ambient” and “downtempo” all sound like elevator music :P

That just rings Oh So True :)