Can you save marker locations so other samples can use them?

This would save me so much time. Wondering if it is possible?


@zooterman. I just launched a tool in the tools section of It’s called Slice Importer.


That’s great, thank you - does this work in Redux or only Renoise?

Hi, I just tried it but I can’t seem to paste the markers in the next instrument.

I copied the markers using the Copy slices command, and then loaded a new instrument which I want to have the same markers on, and used Paste - but nothing happens. I assumed then, that the tool does not work when loading a brand new instrument?


This tool only copies/pastes the markers, not the whole sample.

Maybe you prefer to duplicate the instrument, if you want to have 2 instruments with the same chopped sample. Select the instrument box and CTRL+D.

Hi again. I understand, but I don’t think it worked for me.

I tried to copy slices that I placed on one sample, then I loaded a new instrument, and clicked ‘paste slices (slice importer)’, and nothing happens.

Read the lower Renoise information bar at all times. What does it say?

You must always use the first sample slot. In addition, the target sample must be of sufficient length to be able to paste the positions of the markers. If for example, the target sample has length 1000, and the first marker to paste is 1500, nothing will happen. But some warning should appear below …

Are you using the same final sample as the original?

Here are my steps.

  1. add slice markers to sample (single sample loaded)
  2. right-click > Slices > Copy Slices (Slice Importer)
  3. Load the exact same sample as original (without markers)
  4. right-click > Slices > Paste Slices (Slice Importer)

If I’m doing it incorrectly I apologize, but I can’t see where I’m going wrong.

Before advancing, you should know that only the first sample of each instrument can be sliced. That is, the instrument can only have one sample in the first sample slot. This is a limitation of Renoise. So, the correct steps are:

  1. Start Renoise.
  2. Select instrument slot 00.
  3. Select the Sampler/Waveform.
  4. Whitin the instrument 00 insert a sample in the first slot. Only a sample!
  5. Slice this sample, with various markers.
  6. Use this tool and copy the slice markers. This step copy the markers in a temporal buffer.
  7. Select instrument 01.
  8. Select the Sampler/Waveform.
  9. Whitin the instrument 01, insert a sample in the first slot. Only a sample!
  10. Use this tool and paste the slice markers. This step paste the markers of the temporal buffer.
  11. Done!

Always read Renoise’s lower information bar at the bottom…

Not working for me :frowning:
See video at link… this is what I am doing (added *** so the link shows rather than embedded video which does not work)


It seems that you are doing all the steps correctly.

You can send the song with those two instruments (with these samples). Save the song and send it. I will take a look…

I managed to get it working. One little caveat: I needed to manually add a marker in the sample I want to paste the markers into. If I miss this step, nothing happens. (then I can delete the manually placed marker afterwards). Seems a misstep there.

Anyway, thank you v. much for this time-saving tool - I will use it plenty.

If you can, send me the song XRNS here where you failed. The tool should work perfectly. If there is a fault, I would like to see it. Everything has a solution.

When you have time…

sure, you can download here. Simple example, where I needed to add the marker to the next sample for the ‘Paste Markers’ function to work.


Thanks for sending the example!

Solved! Please, download the latest version (v1.1) and update it!

Now it should work! :grinning:

Genius :slight_smile:
Thank you - it works perfectly now.

Such a great tool, much appreciated.

Enjoy it!!!

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