New Tool (3.1.1): Slice Importer v1.1 (February 2019)

(Raul (ulneiz)) #1

SLICE IMPORTER. What is this?
Slice Importer include a double function allows copying or pasting the slice markers of the first sample between instruments.

Remember that it is necessary to always work on the first sample! If you copy more slice markers than those allowed by the target sample, they will only be pasted until the last allowed marker.

Access: “Sample Editor/Slices/~Copy Markers… (or ~Paste Markers)”.


Can you save marker locations so other samples can use them?

This has probably been mentioned before somewhere (Ledger might have posted similar), but I’ll mention it here as you are copying slice markers etc with this tool.

I have a sample in instrument 0 that is 600 samples long. I ask Renoise to verify:


All good. Notice that when manipulating slice markers via a script it is one based. So to put a marker right at the beginning I can write:[1].samples[1]:insert_slice_marker(1)

Ok. Now I want to put a slice marker right at the end of the sample (of course you wouldn’t really need to do this…but you can via the GUI sample editor) with:[1].samples[1]:insert_slice_marker(601)

I get this error:

*** std::logic_error: 'invalid slice sample_position index '601'. valid values are (1 to 601).'
*** stack traceback:
***   [C]: in function 'insert_slice_marker'

Via the sample editor GUI I’ve placed the marker right at the end of the sample. Let’s ask Renoise where that marker is:

[1] => 601

Ask Renoise to delete that marker:[1].samples[1]:delete_slice_marker(601)

I get:

*** std::logic_error: 'invalid slice sample_position index '601'. valid values are (1 to 601).'
*** stack traceback:
***   [C]: in function 'delete_slice_marker'

Just somethings to keep in mind Raul…just in case you write more slice marker manipulative tools.

btw slide importer is in your logo graphic? Mind you, slide importer sounds like an interesting tool Raul
Fixed :slight_smile:

(Raul (ulneiz)) #3

Hahaha, thanks for the warnings! Sorry for the slip in the logo. I know I should change the D for C. I’ll correct it!

It seems that there is another small bug in Renoise. I remember that something very similar happens in the automation editor in the last point (the maximum value). And I do not remember very well if it had the same behavior in Windows as in Linux. They look like little hidden mistakes of Renoise, which could lead to occasional tool errors. They should be corrected!

I guess that @taktik will know both cases…

Thanks for the info!