Cannot Delete Pattern Blocks

I cannot delete blocks from the matrix using the delete button. Using the mouse can be more than a little cumbuersome, and the right-click menu still says thst it should be delete. Have I inadvertedly toggled an option or something? The seleceted block is outlined with grey rather than yellow dots now. What gives?

I am sorry if this has already been addressed.

EDIT: just realised it’s a focus issue. Sorry.

Collateral damage?

@see: [To Keep Or Revert?] Matrix Blocks Dont Respond To Keys Anymore?

There’s a debate about this change. It has to do with focus.

You need to “middle click” and focus the PM to enable keys.

Yeah, I realised this just after I posted. Haven’t used the beta for too long. Not sure if I like this, will join debate when opinion formed.

It’s alt-click with the pattern matrix. Middle click is muting track-slots.

I personally think this should be changed to keep continuity with every other pane in Renoise. Although I’m usually on a laptop with no middle mouse button anyway personally. Just think it’s weird to have one area the normal method doesn’t work (which I thought was exactly the reason for stopping it being single click focus stealing here.)