[To Keep Or Revert?] Matrix Blocks Dont Respond To Keys Anymore?

The title says it all. I tried reassigning it but it won’t work. (click on a matrix block, press delete, nothing happens)

you have to set focus to the matrix , used to be able to do this with the middle mouse button , but they changed it some how ;
set focus = ctrl+tab …now deleting pattern blocks will work

Alright so the bug is that the pattern matrix won’t focus when it’s clicked :lol:

I believe the team touted that as a feature, not a bug ;)

Make it an ‘option’?

In my eyes that would be the least smart thing the renoise dev team have ever implemented. Whats logical about having to use key commands repeatedly (ctrl+tab > ctrl+tab > ctrl+tab > ctrl+tab > click > del) if you can just click>del…

I totally agree , this is a great update really , but there are some minor tweaks / quirks that make no sense at all .

Prior to this beta, it was massively irritating that, even when Lock Keyboard Focus was enabled, the Matrix editor stole the focus. That’s exactly what Lock Keyboard Focus was supposed to prevent.

Lock Keyboard Focus is finally working properly, but if I want to switch focus to the Matrix editor for arrowkey navigation, I don’t have to do all the stuff that t6d6 said: I just need to do ctrl+shift+tab (to cycle backwards) and then Del to delete.

I can see the argument from both sides, but ever since the Matrix editor has been around, despite using Renoise for many hundreds of hours, I never got used to that completely senseless and inconsistent focus-thievery by the Matrix editor.

The ‘option’ that’s suggested (though I doubt it’ll please any of you to hear this) already exists: go to View -> untick Lock Keyboard Focus…

Yay, its more an “experiment” than a feature. Lets discuss if that’s to keep or not.

The matrix used to steal the focus, even with “Lock Keyboard Focus” off, which was annoying, cause you often want to keep the focus in the pattern editor. Now it only does with “Lock Keyboard Focus” OFF like all other parts of Renoise, so you at least have a choice.

Awesome! I really don’t get the problems that you and others apparently had. What was so bad about the focus ‘stealing’? If you wanted to edit something in the pattern editor after you clicked the matrix you had to click on the line you wanted to edit first right? :blink:

To keep the keyboard workflow at all times, couldn’t we simply make the “Focus Pattern Matrix” keyboard shortcut into a “Toggle Pattern Matrix focus” ?
Currently, that shortcut bring focus to the pattern matrix, but you have to press Esc to go back to the pattern, which is sort of inconsistent.

As a workaround, I’m having a global view preset for the Matrix (F1) and pattern editor (F2), but it’s not optimal.

i agree with both sides here. i hated how the matrix would steal focus, but i also hated that my workflow of clicking a matrix-block and pressing ‘Del’ would not delete it. so, is there some kind of compromise possible?

I’d say this is definitely an improvement. I hated it when the pattern matrix would steal keyboard focus, especially since the shortcut for going to the pattern editor was Esc. This meant that I often had to press Esc twice to enable editing, which was easy to forget.

By the way, instead of using ctrl + tab, I find it much more convenient to have keyboard shortcuts (shift + number) for assigning focus to every tab or box in the main window.

Indeed, same goes for cut/copy/paste-commands.

Lovely, I had no idea! this existed

Even better, great suggestion!!

I like the new behaviour too here, found the focus stealing odd and irritating at times.

Yep, either use the unlock pattern focus or save a layout underneath one of the 8 presets with the keyboard focus upon the matrix.

I personally kinda wish that the matrix would allow delete key, but other than that wouldn’t focus. Or maybe some very easy way to jump back to pattern editor. (Like pressing esc).

yeah, exactly. it seems kinda strange to me that without having the matrix focused you can still make a selection, but you cannot do anything to that selection through the keyboard (you can via the mouse). you can move your selection around and everything, but not delete. i suppose expected would be to at least be able to hit ‘Del’ and it would delete your selection.
(however, implementing this would probably invite subsequent requests for implementing copy-paste behaviour without focus as well)

i believe it has to do with the fact that you can make a selection in the matrix and make a selection in the pattern editor, having both selections active at the same time. i do also realize that changing this behaviour might be desirable from my workflow, but may be a pain for others who are not used to working that way.

i see we have kind of a dilemma here, but surely there must be a way?

I honestly still don’t have a clue what people mean by ‘focus stealing’.
What happened to all of you that was so annoying?

Isn’t the same also true of the Sequence Editor, which never stole focus to allow you to do so?

td6d: You understand what Focus is yeah? Where you have Focus you have access to all the keyboard shortcuts associated with that area. Co Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V with Copy and Paste, but this will be either a selection of Note Data, or a selection of Matrix Blocks. Obviously Arrow Key navigation will also move you through the area you have Focus in. Normally to change focus you either use Alt+Click or Middle Mouse Button but the Matrix would do it with a single click from the Pattern Editor, no other pane would, which to me I always found a bit of a weird inconsistency. Although I did quite like single-click focusing everywhere at times when on a laptop with no middle button, but I did get used to Alt+Click.