Can't save my track - out of memory

Hey people

So yeah. I’m working on my biggest track so far. I’m running 8 kontakt instruments, 2 Massive intruments, 1 sylenth1 and 1 edirol orchestral.
I’m also running multiple effect plugins such as Guitar Rig, Lexicon reverb, among others.

A couple minutes ago, I tried saving my project. I get this error message :

‘Document Validation failed with the error : Failed to parse the XML document (Out of memory! Please try to free up some memory and try again.)’

I press OK, and i get a second message:

‘Failed to validate the document [name of projet]. It’s recommended that you try saving the document again under a new name.’

Of course, when I try saving a new copy, I get the same error messages.

Now what should I do?? Keep my computer open until I’m 100% done with my track? I wanna save it! I can’t be loosing all this work! Please help me!

My specs :
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11 GenuineIntel ~2671 Mhz
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB

try closing any other running application, such as browsers, email clients, other unused services.

unfortunately, in order to safely save a song, Renoise needs to allocate enough memory, and 2GB of RAM can easily be not enough in order to do it, as modern OSes and applications can take a big part of it, and also the needed memory blocks must have adjacent addresses in order to be allocated.

as you are using Kontakt, you should try tweaking DFD (Direct-From-Disk) options in order to reduce the amount of memory used when loading instruments. Performing this task varies from version to version in Kontakt, so you should check your Kontakt version manual in order to do it. You can also do the same for instruments by saving them as XRNI, removing from the song and then loading them again after reboot. I had similar issues in the past while making orchestral music with 32bit OS and solved this way

Bonus hint:
as a temporary measure for emergency, save one or more of your track DSP chains to disk through the disk browser, then remove it/them from the song, then try saving the song again. If you succeed, reboot, reload the song and then reload the DSP chains

Wait, wait! that means any automation of the removed devices is lost, doesn’t it?

Thanks for the quick reply.

It’s funny how I’m living off my music, that I make in Renoise, even though I feel like I don’t know anything about this software yet! I’ve been working with renoise for 4 years now… Can you tell me how do I save this DSP chain?

select “DSP chain” in the radio buttons list on the left then save; it will save the chain of the selected track. Pay attention that any automation will be lost when removing a track DSP, so do it only if it feasible

It looks like the song IS saved and it’s just a validation error.
If it is saved, all chances are that the song is OK - you can just close rns, then load the saved song again.
I’ve had this error lots af times in the past. The saved songs have always been fine in spite of the validation error.

Of course it’s on your own risk but I believe the risk is negligible.

you should activate the autosave backup feature, storing more than one backup version (you can tell how many into the preferences). This way, in disaster scenarios you can always go back to the latest version you was able to save. Eventaully, you could also be able to copy and paste the missing stuff from a song to another.

more info here

Don’t forget you can open more than one instance of Renoise, so this can be checked without closing the currently open copy with the song in it. That is always assuming you have enough memory to do so, but you do seem to imply that you have plenty of spare memory while the song is loaded/playing and it’s only when you try and save memory issues seem to occur.

You were right. it actually saved a working copy of my song. thanks to everyone for the help!


Good to know. But Renoise should have made that clear to you.

A few years back I suggested that Renoise should spit out a proper (and not misleading) warning in the case of an incomplete song file validation. Would still be a good idea, I think.

You have no insurance that your song is being written properly in that case. For all that matters you could have a broken harddrive, hence you get the notice to try and save it somewhere else. Better be safe than sorry.

Not trying to make a big issue out of this but just to clarify:
It’s a perfectly fine there’s a warning but imho not good that Renoise produces a message which is not true:

Last time I checked, the Status-Event Bar says “[songname] could not be saved!” even in cases where the song is saved (as an experienced user in this regard, I can inform you that it’s only when the “not saved” message pops up in a DIALOG that it’s true … but how should the average user know that only the dialog, not the Status-Event Bar speaks the truth?).

Instead, Renoise should make what you say clear: “Yes, dear user the song was saved, but it might be corrupted, so please try to save it again.”

That’s all I’m saying.

Renoise does a few things here:It saves the song to a temporary folder and then checks if it is alright. If it is, it copies the song to the original destination and overwrites the existing one. If it is not alright, it should not overwrite it at all (In that case, you get the validation error). You do have a corrupted xrns in your temp folder of which you may be able to extract the song.xml and perhaps some samples from the internal instruments that you changed but your original song in your own songs-folder is most likely an older copy.
If you say that your actual song is being overwritten with a corrupt song then that should not be allowed to happen, depending on which version of Renoise you have ofcourse because the validation check was implemented somewhere after 2.1 i believe.
At least something in the validation must be clearly wrong if a working song is written afterall.

I think we need to appreciate the distinction between confirming a negative and not being able to confirm a positive.
The validation failed error due to memory limits - the root of the problem - doesn’t mean the song is corrupted. It just means that it’s not certified that the song isn’t corrupted.

It’s perfectly rational that Renoise saves a version of the song even though it has not been “validated”. We would rather want that than nothing.

Does Renoise allow you to overwrite a validated file with a non-validated (but probably working), newer version of the song? I think so, but I’m not 100 percent. Didn’t it do that in your case, MarkyMark?
In most cases, it certainly allows you to save the song under a new file name … while informing you “[songname] could not be saved!”

Listen, i simply think that Renoise attempts to open the file and that the system returns an error on opening it. Whatever the problem is, the messages in the dialogs are related to the outcome of the system errors that Renoise get and those aren’t half assed messages like “your file might be corrupted” and i personally don’t think they should be half assed either. I rather have the situation fixed so that it becomes clear the song turns out alright or not. One solution to that could be that the file validator turns into an external process so that this program has its own 2GB of memory and has the room to perform a validation and these half-assed situations no longer occur. The best solution for a Windows XP 32-bit machine with 2GB of memory would be project-wise saving (each component is saved seperately) so that each file can be validated individually i think this solution becomes a lot more inevitable with all these bulky VST plugins that get more affordable these days.

Sounds like a very good idea!