[???] cdp tool renoise crash

Oy can make renoise crash running the cdp tool,

get it here; New Tool (3.0): CDP lua tool

I’m trying to bug-fix some non working processes in the users definition file, put the following code somewhere in definitions.lua in afta’s tool folder;

dsp["Mchzig Zag - Extend by randomly reading back and forth in the soundfile, while panning to a new channel at each 'zig' or 'zag'"] = {   
 cmds = { exe = "mchzig", mode = "zag 1", tip = "Similar to EXTEND ZIGZAG, the sound is extended by reading read back and forth within the soundfile, but in addition, during each 'zig' or 'zag', the sound is randomly panned to a new channel of the output space. Hence the sound is in constant motion over the multi-channel space. The next channel to pan towards is chosen at random, and all the output channels are visited before a new random permutation of those channels is begun. Musical Applications; See EXTEND ZIGZAG for more information about the zigzag process. MCHZIG ZAG can be used to extend a sound and distribute it over an entire multi-channel space. Also compare with MCHITER ITER in which amplitude reduction takes place. For a more controlled spatial distributon, such as over less channels of the space, or in a way which varies through time, see TEXMCHAN TEXMCHAN." },   
 arg1 = { name = "start", min = 0.031000, max = length / 1000, tip = "time in sec. at which to begin the zigzags (Minimum value is 0.031000 sec.)" },  
 arg2 = { name = "end", min = 0, max = length / 1000, tip = "time in sec. at which to end the zigzags (Maximum value is the length of the input soundfile.)" },  
 arg3 = { name = "dur", min = 0, max = 32767, def = 10, tip = "the (minimum) total duration of the output sound to be generated" },  
 arg4 = { name = "minzig", min = 0, max = length / 1000, tip = "the shortest acceptable 'zig' or 'zag'" },  
 arg5 = { name = "minzag", min = 2, max = 16, tip = "the longest acceptable 'zig' or 'zag'" },  

Open the script, select the mchzig zag process from the dropdown list, change some sliders, running the scripts should crash Renoise.

Logs says;


mmm, maybe it was a particular setting, but while the process doesn’t work, I’m not crashing renoise anymore.