Chain Of Lfo / Trigger Instead Of Reset

Hey Guys,

so I had an idea, for some neat control of parameters i really like LFO’s one shot option
i wanted to make a chain of several lfos with different envelopes and via hitting “reset”
button I wanted to trigger them via tracker commands (1700, 2700) etc,

i was disappointed to see that by adding another lfo linked to the same effect , it overrides
the previous lfo, so this idea won’t work… would id be possible to have “trigger” instead of reset
button in the lfo, which would basically only move the parameter by desired way (envelope) but not
“hold it” like it does now ?

also it would be great if you could add loop to the LFO with parameter how many times it should loop
this way you could create few lfo envelopes with quite complex automation that would be simply triggered
by effect commands,

actually it would be cool if it worked similar way like the instrument envelopes does, meaning it could have
sustain/decay option too, in case the two lfos were interfering with each other, you could either decide
if the currently playing one should stop when the new one is triggered, or wheter the parameters should
interfere with each other (depending on sustain/decay level)

i hope i make sense :)

well, i’m chaining my thread with yours, hoping your famous name will get me a bump for my own idea. i believe it follows logically from your requests, which i agree with by the way. think the LFO could use some work.

my idea, here:

A bit of extra work, especially if your LFO isn’t an easy length, like an easy to work out number of lines, but you know you can out in commands to turn Off the LFO when you trigger the next one so that they wont interfere?

Although I agree I would expect them to not be still sending any values once getting to the end of a single shot cycle!