Change Certain Notes In A Track

For example I want to change all C-5’s in a track to F-4’s. Is this possible without affecting any other note in the track?

Not if they are all the same instrument.
The advanced edit has an option to change notes of a specific instrument in the track.
Other than that, you’ll have to wait until the scripting feature is released.

“Interpolate” I think they call it, although there is something else completely unrelated called interpolate already in renoise.

Must say, I have found a need to do this sometimes, usually if i’m changing between major and minor, but there’s not usually much work involved.

The process of shifting a note - or range of notes - is called transposition.

The ability to transpose notes in a more selective manner is something that I suggested a little while ago:

I know what transposition is.
I meant being able to select all events that apply to certain criteria. And I just checked and yes it is called ‘interpolate’ in Sonar at least anyways.

Strange as that is in no way related to the technical meaning of the word interpolate and is not what I would think of seeing that name. Interpolation is the process of calculating data points from surrounding, existing data. For example, if you had a sample at 44.1Hz and wanted to resample at 88.2kHz than every other sample point would have to be interpolated, if you were to go to a more standard 96kHz than almost every new sample point would be interpolated.

There’s a search and replace script available in PHP that would do the job, but it’s for offline processing and not the most convenient. More of a proof of concept.

Maybe you confuse the word 'tranposition ’ with 'transition ’ (which is more closer to the meaning 'interpolation ’ than 'transposition ’
Interpolation can be log/lin/exp transition between events

I know what traditional ‘interpolation’ is (hence why I mentioned the use already in renoise - like filling in the gaps between two numbers). Now why on Earth would i confuse ‘Transposition’ with ‘Transition’.

Turns out it’s only a sonar thing though.

Sounds like something you find it in Modplug Tracker, search and replace. 1 vote for this feature.

Oh boy. Search and replace with options like “only in selection” or “only in current track” “current pattern” and “entire song”. +1!