Change Pitch Without Using Pitch Slide

If I’ve made a drum kit from chopping up a break, how do I then change the pitch of individual hits without using the pitch slide command? Am I being really stupid? At the minute I’m having to load the same break into a different instrument track, pitch it up and use an 09xx command. This interrupts my workflow a fair bit.

if i understand correctly what you want to do, your instrument’s instrument settings should look like this but with actual samples in it (multiple). you can use the transpose and finetune sliders to change the pitch of an individual sample.

That’s more fine tuning and it changes all the hits. Thanks though, I didn’t even realise those options existed until now.

What I’m mainly using it for is pitching snares higher and lower. When I exclusively used the 09xx command to make breaks it was no problem, I would just input the sample higher or lower than middle C, but you lose that ability once you’ve rendered the samples to a kit. I just want to be able to pitch the individual hits higher or lower. Like the slide to pitch function but without the slide bit.

If your drum kit consists of individual samples that you’ve mapped to each key/note, then all you have to do is use the Sample Keyzones to map your snare to all the extra notes you want to play. If you want to play your snare on C-4, C#4 and D-4 for a little pitch roll, then just map the snare to that note range. Map it to wherever you want really, it doesn’t matter. Just re-arrange the other sounds if you need to. Tweak the basenote settings if anything sounds a bit weird.

Edit: Here’s a little demo: (2.7.1 XRNS)
2145 dblue-amen-pitched-snare-demo.xrns

Alternatively, just move the snare sample into its own unique instrument and then go wild with that instead :)

for more info, try reading:

i usually do what dblue suggests at the end. 9 out of 10 times, i don’t use drumkits but use individual samples in their own instruments. so, (for example), 3 snare instruments, 2 kick instruments, 3 hat instruments, etc. all these ‘instruments’ are essentially a single sample with the keyzone mapped to the entire keyboard range. as dblue already noted, it gives you a lot more freedom in working with the sample.

Another interesting technique which I’ve used before, which works nicely if you have a drumkit that isn’t too huge, is to map each individual hit to its own octave. You can optionally set each hit’s base-note to the middle of the octave, which is a bit weird to get used to at first, but it actually allows you to pitch any drum hit up or down by several semitones.

Quite a lot is already possible. It really just depends how complex you want to get with it.

Another example:
2146 dblue-amen-pitched-snare-demo-2.xrns

And another fun one I did a while ago for a different thread:
2147 dblue-amen-pitched.xrns

agreed, i do that sometimes. the best solution imo if you have a couple of samples you want to keep together in one place but not lose your ease-of-pitch. the reasons for it are quite simple actually. it is simply loads faster to type a C-4, C-5, C-6, F-8, whatever using just your keyboard and the octave up/down keys, than it is to do C-4 and figure out which pitch-value you need to use in the effects column.

I see your point, I guess I will have to give up having everything next to each other.

Thanks guys.

Edit: doh!

if you are using 2.7 then you can achieve exactly what you want !

what you do is first chop up the break and it will be mapped to your “sample keyzones” there every slice will be maped chronologicly from beginning of the original sample till the end. there you can pick the slices and move them around. alrright that is step 1!

pick your snare drum move it to a note with a couple of notes unused next to it. move the cursor to the next note and press the right mouse button and select insert new sample (or something like that) which will give a list of every slice within the instrument. now select the snare sample and after that select the new snare slice AND change it’s basenote to the other pitch you want. this can be done at the bottom of te sample keyzones screen beneath the keyboard :)

Thanks man, I’ve tried it out but kind of gets annoying when I end up with 8 or 9 keys mapped to each snare. It moves the drum kit too far apart and interrupts my work flow. I basically want the slide to pitch command but without the slide.