Change reset button into a mini slider in lfo / lfo ideas collection


Imagine if the reset button was a slider, and there was a second bar in the custom lfo view, showing the start position… Would be much more easy to use than fiddling around with the reset command in the pattern…

You could easily set a offset in the automation…


  • get rid of ugly reset pattern command
  • being able to precisely estimate an offset playing of the lfo
  • use automation view
  • no more strange behaviour if lfo was in a doofer and reset automated then
  • easily use preset waveforms with an offset!

some other ideas:

  • Allow two points in the same column, for being able to paint a real saw etc. Last column should be the same as first column, including snap to first point - exactly like in the automation editor. The last point could be even non editable and simply re-displaying the first point (or points) - so the transition becomes totally obvious and mistake-free.

  • the shifting functionality in the extended editor should preserve the original waveform, including crossovers. Currently, if you paint a saw wave and then shift it, it will turn into a square wave. So the algorithm needs to repaint the last point by estimation. Or the first point if shifting to the left. This would be more easy, if the last point was the first point.

  • adding a REAL curve mode which is actually a 3-point-spline interpolation or similar. Rename current curve mode in… Well, I don’t know… Compatibility curve mode :stuck_out_tongue: or better introduce a new lfo device and remove old curve mode.

Please add your own ideas regarding improvements of the lfo device.

Updated first post.

Hi ffx,

What I find really helpful when dealing with custom LFOs is dblue’s trick for accessing the Reset button with a Key Tracker and then automate the Dest. Min slider. At least this technique seems to cover some of the aspects you mention in your first post, I think.

7014 LFO_automation.gif

Yes, thanks. I know this. And IMHO it should be like this as default, no reset button, but offset/slider slider. No more ugly automation in pattern. Etc.


I also believe ffx’ suggestion is slightly better than how it currently works. The current implementation is efficient GUI wise, but what you gain in space is sometimes lost in friendliness and usability :slight_smile:

In particular, splitting the reset button into reset+slider would also make it possible to use a free-running oscillator and trigger the reset anytime you want. Without setting up “heaps” of meta devices.

Nice refinement imo. With the usual drawback of changing something everyone has gotten used to.

get rid of ugly reset pattern command


How dare you even suggest such a thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Another request:

  • Expand scale of amplitude to 200%, so you don’t have to fix a too flat graph manually. Overshoot simply clipped.

  • Vertical expand / shink in external editor (maybe it’s inside already, but I cannot find it)