[Solved] Any trick how to reset instrument lfo when i press key?

Hello, if i create some fx controlled by lfo inside the instrument (like filter cutoff that will be synched to tempo by lpd in lfo) how to restart this lfo when i press note. Is there any trick how to do it?
Otherwise, anything precise with lfo must be created by the old way (creating effect outside the instrument) and it is very sad.
“Envelope lfo” is restarted by keypress but on the other hand it is not synched to tempo :-(.

If you’re using an LFO in the instrument modulations, this will always reset on new notes. If you want to sync it to Beats instead of Hertz, then simply toggle the timing mode.

4532 renoise-lfo-reset-modulation.png

If you’re using an LFO in the instrument’s DSP chain, then resetting the LFO involves the use of either a Velocity Tracker or a Key Tracker, linked to the LFO’s Reset parameter. This same technique applies whether it’s inside the instrument’s DSP chain, or outside in the track DSP chain.

4533 renoise-lfo-reset-chain.png

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You can put “envelope reset” commands in your track by placing the cursor on the line you want and right-clicking on the “reset” button in the LFO.

…or what dblue wrote above =)

Thank you very much! I suppose this topic can be deleted.
I am so dumb that i tried it reset it by signal follower what doesnt work :-).
And didnt trust in that beat sync because lfo wasnt looking different when i changed bpm, but now i look at it and its playrate is changed by it.
Great news for me. :lol: Wasnt using velocity or key tracker in 2.8

But envelope reset doesn’t work for instrument’s FX :(/> I need to reset LFO when pattern starts, so Key Tracker solution is not for me.

It’s hard to understand exactly what you want to achieve. Is the thing that you want an LFO inside your instrument to reset at the beginning of a pattern?
In that case you should macro the LFOs reset and automate it with pattern fx by right clicking the slider knob.

Yes exactly. Sorry for my poor English. I solved the problem my way. Key Tracker inside my instrument set to muted note (C-9) at the beginning of a pattern, and the note triggers the reset. If you don’t understad, just check out this example xrns :)/>

I know it’s simple and it can be achieved at pattern with basic commands, but I need this for more complex instruments.

Your solution is not good for me, but thanks anyway :)/>