Change sample start on the fly

Hi everyone
I will use Renoise live for a mix and I’d like to know if it’s possible to redefine the starting point of a sample “on the fly” (I’m playing with a controller )

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Hi @erbrice ,
maybe this tool could help? New tool (3.3.2): Sample Multi Controller v2.1 build 060 - Get more out of Renoise’s sampler!

the easy way is to use slices at various desirable start positions within the sample and map them as a drum kit in keyzones, using different midi notes to trigger different start positions.

if you want finer control, you could make a set of phrases that each have a different sxx command tied to a single c4 note event (disable phrase looping), tie a macro to phrase number via a doofer that contains a hydra tied to instr macros device phrase number, then tie that to an instrument macro. This would allow a selectable start position via macro, but it would be tedious to set up the phrases (even with duplication).

OR, you could make one phrase that is filled with c4 note events on every line with interpolated sxx values (from s00 to sff beginning to end), set lpb to 1, sample trigger to one-shot, phrase key tracking to offset, and use various midi keys to trigger the sample at different positions. This assumes you want the sample to play as a one-shot

Check out the loop marker automation tool, too: New Tool (3.3): Loop Marker Automation - v1.01 - #32 by Achenar

honestly, it’s stupid that we don’t have an easily automatable way to offset sample start position in renoise, imo. seems like low-hanging fruit to me, but what do i know? :upside_down_face:

hope this helps


Hi dspasic thanks very much for the answer but it seems it’s not working for my purpose you can see the screenshot here As you can see I change the markers but it doesn’t change the starting point. it’s asking to buy the soft every 2 minutes ! … :slight_smile:

i cannot see the screenshot, and i’m afraid i won’t be able to download .mov file just like that. Please upload to youtube/vimeo or other platform if you want me to look at it.

Well, the tool is not free, but also it is not pricey (this may vary depending on your income and part of world that you live in) It is reasonable to pay for it because @Raul did invest a lot of effort and time into making it

Regarding the tool - make sure to check manual/instruction on how to use it beforehand, and if you have issues, feel free to comment on the topic dedicated to that tool (or if you are having issues with the tool itself for whatever reason) you can reach to the developer @Raul… I haven’t really used the tool recently so i cannot help you further than recommending it. I am sure that it did what you asked for, when i used to use it :slight_smile:

just to be sure, please read instructions on how the tool works, and feel free to ask for help on its topic

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The screenshot was not to download but to watch. Anyway it was just to show the starting point was not changing when the toggle was moved. But I’ll recheck the manual to see if I didn’t miss something.

About buying the tool, of course it’s an option but to make the popup appear every two minutes is a little too much :slight_smile: That’s what I was saying

Thanks for being there


Hi thanks for the answer. Yes I think you’re right the easiest way is to preslice but when you are “in the situation” you just sometime want a unprepared start; I hope Renoise will implement this one day…
I check the loop marker automation tool and come back :wink: