Change The Amount Of Lines You Scroll Per Mousewheel Click

When you’re on the Pattern Editor and you’re scrolling your mousewheel to move up and down it, is there any way to change the number of lines you scroll per mousewheel click from 2 to 1? I hate it when my little orange selection box skips over a note I’m trying to select and I end up having to select it with my mouse. Thanks in advance. :3

What kind of mouse do you have?
Usually you can set this in the mouse-properties of your platform configuration.
All the application does send is a “One slice up” and “One slice less” command to the driver and the driver kind of returns a figure how much one slice supposed to represent…

but shouldn’t it be possible to ignore that? treat the mousewheel as a key in that case, and allow the amount of lines scrolled to be defined?

Logitech G5 v2

I can, but even if I change it from 3 lines to 1 line it doesn’t affect Renoise.

In that case, i’ll move this topic to the Suggestions&ideas area…

Thanks, vV! I’d love to see this simple feature in the next version. I ordered Renoise last week and I love it! I can’t get myself away from it.

I also think this is a good idea, and my mousewheel is one of those which skips two lines at each tick.

actually, I’ve never had a mouse which did not skip two lines, then I think that, with the standard Windows mouse configuration, the mousewheel acts like this in Renoise. I think it would be great to have this configurable, but at least changing the default behaviour in a way that the wheel skips only one line at a time would be good enough.

Great idea, would certainly make use of this. I can set my wheel sensitivity in Windows, but I’d rather have one very sensitive setting for other things and another very low 1-line-per-click for Renoise.

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+1 and some of my respect

very intelligent option, scrolling amount with mouse wheel.

Would be nice:

with the quick accessible scroll amount settings by pushing and rotating the mouse wheel:

+8 (8h)
+16 (10h)
+32 (20h)
+64 (40h)
+128 (80h)

I think it would make sense to go forward by one line if the user scrolls slowly. And by two or even three lines when user scrolls fast.

I would love it if it would just match the edit step.


I want it to scroll by 6 lines.

Taktik once mentioned that the 2 line-scrollig is like that in Renoise because otherwise you’ll be scrolling for ages to reach the top or bottom of a pattern.

I think it makes sence the way it is. If I want to be on the line under/above where the cursor is at that moment, I double click the position where I want to be.
I think this is a faster way to work in stead of scrolling by one step, especially when you use a huge LPB.

I think won’t be possible for every type of mouse right?

It depends, this is just a timing event issue…
Measure how many ups and downs are coming in per second and then go faster or slower to that pace.
But the speed at which drivers submit these messages to the application may differ.
So in that case the scroll-speed has to be made an adjustable object in the preferences instead.

Simple scroll is 1 line

Shift-Scroll moves 8 lines, or so…

Ctrl-Shift-Scroll moves 32…

would be awesome

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Agreed completely.

Has this feature ever been implemented somehow? would be nice to have a one-line-wheel-scroll…
most logitech mouses have this special heavy scrollwheel where you can disable the brakes, so high lpb-counts are no problem, otherwise, shifted scroll would be another fix for that

i am a beginner and this is my perception:

  • i always feel encumbered when i have to use 2 different actions for getting to the right lines when i am only one line off (wheel + arrow keys || wheel + click ||…)
  • arrow keys are to slow and on the wrong side of the keyboard
  • and clicking into the line completely destroys the flow for me since you jump instantly and loose orientation compared to a somehow smoother lines transition when scrolling

So is it in already? this topic is from 2009, maybe i missed something new.

btw, why does scroll lock only work in play mode?

Was thinking about this feature the other day,

a +1 from here too.

It has been suggested before to separate the edit position from the screen centering position, I agree it should be an option though I`ll need to have a look for the link to the topic

While playing, scroll lock toggles the edit position (always vertical centred relative to the pattern) to be the same as the play line or separate. These two positions are automatically separated when renoise is stopped.

I am a Noob and have nothing to say :rolleyes:, but I would choose this to be my prefered editing behavior,
i believe it is exactly what you mean:

maybe an optional “unattach”-toggle for the edit-cursor so that even scrolling won’t change the edit-position,

but that is just the humble observation, reasonable objections are welcome