Changing Lines per Beat

So I’m working through the interface and the first question I have is about changing the lines per beat to increase resolution.

I think the default is 4 but I started working on something and I changed it to 8 and I’m able to almost get the groove I’m looking for but what if I ultimately want to now change the resolution to 12 or 24, something that is not a binary shift of the original 4.

What I have done so far is expand the entire song, this halfed the percieved tempo and then I changed the LPB from 8LPB to 16LPB, which got me back to the original tempo.

So far so good, BUT…

Is it possible to go from say 8LPB to 24LPB, this would be a factor of three not two and I think expand/shrink only double or half the pattern.

Possible? Maybe a tool available?

Thanks in advance.


As far as I know there’s not a way to do that. But I have a handy tool to link you to: New Tool (2.7 & 2.8): Fractional Notes

This makes it easy to do triplets (and other fractional rhythms) when using a lpb that’s not a multiple of 3. A lot of people just use 12, but I prefer to use 16 and just use the fractional notes tool when I need triplets.

From the same dev: Flexible Pattern Resizer:

Thanks, I downloaded the tool and I’ll give it a try.