New Tool (2.7 & 2.8): Fractional Notes

(Not technically a ‘new’ tool. I’m just finally moving this into its own thread. It was previously posted here).

v1.03: (Renoise 2.8 / API v3)
2700 org.illformed.FractionalNotes280.xrnx

v1.02: (Renoise 2.7 / API v2)
2699 org.illformed.FractionalNotes270.xrnx

Pretty straightforward stuff. If you want to insert triplets, then set Beats to 1 and Divisions to 3.

The tool will generate notes wherever the cursor is positioned in the pattern editor, ranging over a certain number of pattern lines based on the number of beats you choose (and your LPB setting). If there is a note under the cursor then it will be used as the template for the other generated notes, otherwise it will default to the current instrument selected in Renoise and the note you set in the tool’s GUI. Depending on the settings you choose it may be necessary to use multiple note columns to fit everything in, so the tool will automatically expand the track to handle this if necessary.

Be warned: Any existing note data within range of the tool will be deleted!

Can be triggered via Context Menu:

  • Pattern Editor > Track > Fractional Notes (Show GUI)

or via Key Bindings:

  • Pattern Editor > Track > Fractional Notes (Show GUI)
  • Pattern Editor > Track > Fractional Notes

The second key binding will generate notes without showing the GUI, and will repeat whatever settings you previously selected.


Ah sweet! Thanks! :D

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sorry for the bump but this thing is really great !

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i bet this could be modified to subzoom

To ‘subzoom’?

What are you talking about?

the utilization of delay column values to grant the user the possibility of having 12 “sub-row-based” note-columns automatically generated by slapping the user-specified delay values per notecolumn, to afford the user a finer access to sub-row resolutions automatically, instead of writing them down, one by one by hand.

I see. Well, the tool already does this if you try to squeeze too many notes in there.

For example:
I’m using 4 LPB in my song. I generate some fractional notes with the following settings: 1 Beat, 48 Divisions. The result is 12 notes per line with the correct delay values inserted.

So, to really simplify your idea, my tool just needs to offer the option of spreading notes over X lines instead of X beats. Then you could simply choose: 1 Line, 12 Divisions.

that’d be awesome!

head assplodes

Tools page please.

I’ll upload my tools to the tools page when I feel that they’re ready.

Otherwise, mind your own business please.

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I guess you’re referring to my reply to Conner?

I’d hardly call that aggression. It was just a little friendly jab in response to some nagging. No hard feelings were intended, and I’m sure Conner is more than man enough to take such a comment in his stride.

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Thinking about adding a note progressor? Or like a sample effect with a value or a value progressor?

Sorry, I don’t quite follow.

Could you please go into more detail, and perhaps give some specific examples of what you’re talking about?

Dblue, I am having trouble using this tool… how do you use it? I am searching through the tools dropbar and I can’t find it, all my other tools are listed however. I have downloaded and installed it and it comes up in the Renoise tool browser, yet that only gives me the option to disable or uninstall the tool, which obv I don’t want to do.
I’m sure i’m missing something very elementary here…

Thanks for your help! And the tool


right click in the pattern editor, the tool should be listed somewhere in the “track” menu.