Changing Sampleposition Of A Start- Or End-Marker Does Not Take Effect

When one plays a slice of a sample and changes the sample position of the start- or end-marker while the marked slice of the sample gets played, the start- and end-marker position of that slice gets not updated immediately for the currently played back slice of the sample.

It would be nice, if the sample position change of the slice markers would take effect immediately (while the sliced part of the sample gets played back).

That would also mean your sample-playback gets interrupted instantly. I don’t think these two things can be running at the same time.

Perhaps one could propagate the sample marker offset change to the audio engine, maybe not.

Of course this would be possible, but unfortunately this would be a small pain to do to avoid clicks and stuff. I’m also not sure where/why/how this would be useful as a “feature”?

Instead I think we should fix this bug: Visual Sample Playback Position Bug When Moving Slice Position

Fixing this would make sense at least for large samples (e.g.: complete songs loaded into an instrument), where slices are a few seconds/lpb long, ie no sub-seconds slices. And one wants to adjust the offsets of the sliced parts of the song.