Charly Linch

Very happy to present my first album!


  1. Niartayarps
  2. Marbles
  3. Neushoorn van Noach
  4. Boot van Noach
  5. Notv
  6. Violence Kicks
  7. IkzieIkzie
  8. Numlockbutton

listen me at:

Congrats! I’ll be checking this out soon as I get home to some speakers. :drummer:

Where to buy?



Mail me you’re adress and I’ll send you one :D

It’s difficult to get you’re cd at distributions, but I’m working on it.

Is a download coming?

probably but I’m not the one who will put it online…

Hey Charly, unfortunately I left the demo you gave me in Roberts (forlon) bag, so haven’t been able to listen to it yet :frowning: If the music in your live-set is anything to go by, I expect 220bpm+ mental rave mashups!

Was pleasantly surprised with your set, really liked the energy of your performance and some of the build-ups.


Costs? :P

shipping costs :D

I would say E 5,- to cover my costs.

Holy shit, Ill buy it!
Ill give you 6 if you sign it for me on the inside of the box :D
Ill PM my adress if you PM me your accountnumber.

man i am really liking these sounds…

Charly Linch: Holland’s next big broken core


… and I spelled it correctly! ;)

Request sent! :D

I have track #7 already… don’t know where I got it… (CTG? Widerstand?) … but yeh… I love that one :D

I had that song for download on my myspace for a long time but that version is not mastered.

btw: cd is on his way!

Woohoo! :D

Still didnt got it :(

He is on his way :P …truly

I was a bit busy with my work past two weeks.